Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, November 03, 2012

More Rally fun, and Reba Mcentire

Where are we today ?
Daytona Beach Rv Rally
                A great nights sleep and an absolutely perfect day, sunshine blue skies and about 78 f (26c).  The three pictures below were taken from the roof of our coach, overlooking the sea of rv's parked here for the Rally.

looking at the south grandstands
looking to the north stands
turn 4 right behind us
this is where we are camped
        Refreshment stands everywhere. Pretzels, lemonade or ice cream.
        Now these refreshments are cold and refreshing, but go figure the prices Pop $2.00 Water and Gatorade is $3.00, Beer is $4.00. We carry our own water and have beer at home, so no sales from us.
        Browsing around looked at more vendors stuff, and lotsa new RV's. So many fancy things on these new expensive rigs its always fun to look and dream. But the size of some of these guys I think is getting overwhelming. Four slides, 5 slides, full wall slides, toy haulers, three/four tv's and more. Two washrooms, huge household refrigerators and freezers, automatic dishwashers,large screen tv's etc... So many of these are way over 40 feet long, harder to manoeuvre and a lots of places we like to go cannot accomodate rigs that long, even the height some near 13 feet tall too.
        We are perfectly happy with our coach but it is now 13 years old, in great shape and paid for. We have never yet found another perfect layout, buts its always fun to look and browse, you never know.
        A wonderful day of fresh air and fun, then relax for a while with our books, before Happy Hour then fire up our Weber to grill a couple pork chops, carrots and potatoes in foil with onions, hit the spot.
        Now supper done we hopped on the tram at our doorstep and were dropped of at the grandstands shortly after 6 o'clock to get our seats for the 7 o'clock show with Reba Mcentire.
the Grandstands as we come in
from our seats
Suzie, Pat and Rob
opening ceremonies
        Opening ceremonies with the Newly Wed game with 5 couples who participated that were married more than 50 years. Now this was sure fun and entertaining certainly good for a few laughs.
        Then we watched two sky divers from way above negotiate back and forth thru the sky as they made a perfect landing right in front of the grandstand on the race track.
        As soon as the skydivers landed a huge fireworks display to celebrate that and the beginning of Reba Mcentire's entertaining 90 minute show of stories, jokes, great songs and music. On such a wonderfully warm evening.
huge screen
on stage
        The show was great, music a bit loud and the problem with our seats in the stands as was last night too, you are so far from the stage. But how can you get so many thousands of people close to the stage? I would have been able to take better pictures if I had bothered to bring my tripod, but did not feel like hauling it around, even thou it is pretty compact.    
        Regardless it was a fantastic day with lots to see and do. After the show at 8:30 we hopped back on the first tram to our respective camgrounds and home to relax.
happy people on the tram
        Thanks for dropping by for a read, hope you had a good one too. And don't forget to turn you clocks back for daylight savings time, if it applies to where you live.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. REBA!!!!! Lucky you. I think she is just fabulous. Sounds like a good time.

  2. what a huge rally you are at... fortunately for us in Arizona we don't have to change our clocks back an hour...

    1. Lots to see and do at these rallys and so many people, this is our 4th in 8 years, and always enjoy.

  3. Never been to a rally like that. Can't see that it's really our thing, but the Reba concert would be fun!

    1. Probably not you thing but we do find it interesting and enjoy the entertainment.

  4. Sure lots of RV's and owners in the same area.

    1. Actually more than 3,300 rigs camped here just for the rally.

  5. Looks like you are having way too much fun there!


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