Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Almost sunny and almost hot, but it was a great day.

Where are we today ?
        Sunshine this morning and pretty warm out. Early Walkabout by the Beehive (Donut Mobile is there) to pick up a couple donuts for a treat. At 7:20 am only three donuts left, we only need 2 so thats good and lots of people there for their morning socials.
Donut Mobile
         After coffees, donuts, computing and walkabout headed down the road to the Publix Grocery store for a few supplies. Had Turkeys on sale .59 cents a lb. Can't resist so I managed to find an 8.37 lb bird (just nice for us with lotsa leftovers) for a good price, hows that for a deal?
        Not sure when we gonna eat it so had to make room in our freezer, took out a small frozen cheese pizza we had there taking up space and made room just dressed it up a bit for  lunch.
a nice light lunch
         Then was able to sit outside with my book and free newspaper for a while in the sun ( Suzie had a snooze) and out of the wind it was just awesome. After a bit I heard a noise beside me and looked down! Wow just about jumped off my chair, newspaper flying every where. Here is this huge turtle not a foot away just came from under our coach!
         He (I will call it a he because I am not versed on telling sex of turtles) would walk a few feet and stop, his shell would hit the cement and go "clunk" thats the noise I heard. Just came out of the pond (all wet was my first clue) behind us and not sure where he was going.
         Ended up down by the office, think maybe he was wanting to check into a waterfront site maybe???
         Just a nice relaxing day after, that got to get some serious reading done today, and thats a real good thing, really got into our books. Not to worry about supper, we picked a good day weather wise to pop a small roast beef in the slow cooker with some potatoes, celery, carrots, onions and garlic. And to add to it had a small mix here to make some Yorkshire pudding. I have made my own but this is pretty good too.
Yummy Yorkshire
        Some steamed brocoli to add and thicken the gravy we have a nice tasty supper, with some leftovers, love leftovers!
        That's it for a wonderful Florida day, not real sunny and not real hot but still awesome none-the-less.
        Thanks for taking the time once again to stop by, read  my nonsense and check out the pictures, hope you had a great day too.

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  1. $0.59 a pound for a turkey? Now that's what we call a great deal!

  2. Nice to see that you and Suzie are enjoying your Florida visit. The Beehive sure looks like the perfect park to be staying at. Delicious looking dinner especially with that Yorkshire Pudding. Have a Great Thursday!

    1. We are enjoying our time here as we do at most places.

  3. Love yorkshire pudding and had no clue you could buy a mix!

  4. Now that is one good sized turtle! Nice day here also...

  5. Yup. Pretty sure a turtle suddenly showing up just a few feet away would give just about anyone a bit of a jolt.
    Our freezer here is about the size of the one we had in the RV, so I'm forever moving things around.
    I don't think I'd have room for a turkey, even if there were such a thing to be had.

    1. We do have a pretty small freezer as well, but did manage to "squeeze" it in.


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