Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, November 26, 2012

Floridas Keys back north to Clermont Florida

Where are we today ?
        Up early this morning as usual, coffees, computing and a walkabout. Secure the coach for travel, lift the jacks, pull in the slide and away we go just before 8 am. We hooked up the car last night because we could.
328 miles (527kms) today 
leaving our site at Fiesta Key
goodbye Fiesta Key
         Now heading north along hwy 1 making our way across the Keys a nice leisurely drive today.
         Once we got off hwy 1 we took 27 all the way north thru the edge of the Everglades past miles and miles of sugar cane and dark rich soil in the fields.
sugar cane
         Then by the west shore of Lake Okeechobee the largest fresh water lake in Florida.
the lake is up there on the other side of the berm
        Now passed a sign that said to watch our for bears! In Florida? When do they hibernate? Warm winters or hot summers??
bear crossing
Have been to Lake Placid NY, its a skie resort, wonder what they do here?
        After the sugar cane many more miles of oranges, orchards that seem to go on forever!
Oranges are trucked to this huge facility
this is where they make the juice
        Now coming into Clermont about 3 o'clock thought we would stop an the Publix (grocery store) and pick up a rotisseries chicken for supper, about $7.00 good for a couple meals. Good thing Suzie was with me she spotted a ready cooked 11 pound Turkey for $8.74! Thats a much better deal, so picked up a few other things then off to Bee's Resort where we can get a full hookup pull thru site for our $10.00. We only want it for one night, gotta keep moving, but works great for us.
        Checking in the resident Labradoodle is hanging out in the office, such a wonderful friendly dog. Suzie got her dog fix again.

        Now wonderful pull thru site, set up in less than 30 minutes, tv channels (50 on our antenna) scanned the I proceeded to de-bone this huge turkey we have.
I started with this
ended up with this
        We love Turkey so now we got lots! Just heated up a bit for supper with the natural drippings that came with it, some potato salad, 4 bean salad and a fresh crusty roll we picked up, now we have a feast. Oh and lotsa, lotsa, lotsa leftover turkey too, yummy!
tasty quick supper
        Now this a bit longer drive than we like to do again, but we are on a mission. Heading to Styx River Alabama for Wednesday, because we want to settle in that area for a while. We have a plan that we are trying to pull together for December 12th and need to be in that area. No I'm not gonna jinx this plan by letting it out of the bag yet, you just gonna have to wait until it happens, sorry!
         Anywho that was our wonderful Florida day, new places, old places and just overall rollin on down the road, something we really enjoy. After Alabama we have no plans, that remains to be seen. 
        Thanks for stopping in for a looksee.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. actually the second bear we ever saw was in Everglades National Park... crazy!

  2. Hey guys you passed right by our back door we are just west of 27 on 80 about 13 miles from Clewiston, you had a great day for travel it was a great day here for sure lots of sun and then some sun. Have a great time in Alabama.

    1. Yes it was a great day to travel, sorry we missed you, didn't know where you were.

  3. OK, folks, Florida is soon behind you and Holtville Hot Springs waiting for you!

    1. That remains to be seen this year, but would be nice.

  4. Can't say that we like Florida, just too much traffic for us but sounds like you had a nice drive.

    Love the price on that turkey!

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Thats one of the things we hate about Florida too, but at least we can say we were there.

  5. That looked to be an interesting drive. I didn't know there were Bears in Florida either.

  6. I like the 'travelogue' feel of you trip today (yesterday?)
    I've never been too sure about those precooked birds. I just figure they're trying to unload them, but it seems to work for you. Maybe I need to change my opinion.

    1. This bird was cooked to perfection, even had all the gell from cooking to keep it moist and make homemade gravy.

  7. Too bad you missed Rick and Elaine. Looks like you have a plan, enjoy the journey.

    1. We have a plan just trying to put it together to see if it will work.

  8. Lake placid (Florida) - has a number of lakes for water sports, boating, fishing and swimming (with only a few gators and snakes - the gators are less likely to bother you than the snakes - Water Moccassins are vicious and will come after you) and we do have small black bears all through Florida, fairly large number in lake placid area (rural areas) and lots more in north Florida - don't think our bears hibernate. Enjoy your stay in Florida


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