Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

More friends, more fun!, such a small world isn't it?

Where are we today ?
        Today we have a plan, clean up our coach. Suzie cleans, dust and vacuum, I shake the mats, check tires and some outside stuff then visit friends Denis and Sandy at their Thousand Trails resort about 30 minutes south of us near Orlando. They dropped by the other day, friends from Canada that we met quite a few years ago on the road.
        Got home from the dance last night and got an email from Dave and Sharon, another couple we met last year Christmas eve in Ehrenberg Arizona, they are in the same resort as Denis and Sandy and want to get together with us today as well. We have been following each other (email and such) since Christams and just realized that we are close together.
        Unable to reach them, we went to visit with Denis and Sandy and checked out their resort. It's huge 850 very large campsites. The last stop we made before heading back to their campsite was the Rec. Hall. and just so happens a craft sale going on today.
        Well if we did not run into Dave and Sharon with a booth set up there selling their crafts. Certainly a small world. Chat with them, for a bit and were invited back to their site for a visit.
Sharon and Dave
        Now the vendor next to them had interesting t-shirts on and just had to take a picture. Gotta love us seniors!
vendor next to Dave and Sharon
        Leaving the clubhouse Dennis and Sandy gave us more of a tour about the resort, two huge hot tubs and pools here, both heated to the right temps.
hot tub
kids pool is quiet
        After here we stopped by Dave and Sharons to socialize a bit and have them show us pics and itinerary of the two  month caravan they took to Alaska last summer. Denis and Sandy are heading up that way next summer so they got some very good tips for the journey.
        They also got to take the golf cart for spin around the park as well, fun for everyone.
Sandy and Denis testing the golf cart
        Chatting , having fun looking at pics and so much stuff, we had fun introducing two couples we know to each other.
        But alas time for us to head back to camp, whip up supper tonight, rollup our awning and put away sewer hoses, want to be on the road early tomorrow. We have a long day ahead of us, would like to get to the Keys early and enjoy another new place for a week.
        Tonight's supper was sweet potatoes on the grill wrapped in foil with apples, cinnamon and butter, almost dinner and desert all in one. Added a couple of VERY good garlic sausage we picked up at the Flea Market yesterday and a few peas, we had an awesome supper.
potatoes and sausage on the Weber
        Put it all together and really hit the spot.
        Thats it for another quick fun day with friends, now in the morning we can pull in the slide, lift the jacks and head south "On the Road again"
        Oh did I say thanks for lookin' in, y'all come back now hear?

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  1. You are right 850 sites is a very large park .. a very large park. It definitely is a small, small world.

  2. Looks like you are both Enjoying your time in Florida. Be Safe.

    It's about time.

  3. Glad you had a good time visiting with friends. Enjoy your travel day.

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Was a blast, we always enjoy our travel days exploring new places.

  4. Must be tough to leave such a great area but it sounds like your next stop will be even better.

  5. I want a stationary lap pool like the one in your photo :))
    Heated to 81 degrees for swimming, then jacked to 103 for soaking.
    Box Canyon Mark

  6. Looked like a fun day before making your move. Glad you had a good visit with your friends and that your Garlic Sausage turned out to be pretty good. Safe travels, looking forward to hearing about the Key's.


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