Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Daytona Flea Market and more great weather !

Where are we today ?
        Sunshine and fantastic weather we are just loving it! Time change last night and woke up later than usual, not sure why, but certainly not complaining. Woke up at 6:30 and was actually only 5:30, pretty good because I usually get up at 4:30 am.
        Computing and coffees is as usual, walkabout, shower and a nice long bike ride around the camping areas in the infield. There is close to 3,500 rigs camped here, not  counting volunteer workers and displayed rvs. It just goes on forever! A lot of rigs leaving today all day long, but we are waiting until the morning and probably be in a long line heading out. No problem what's the hurry we are camping only about 65 miles away on Monday and have reservations.
fishing on Lake Lloyd
cool trike !
        At about 10 o'clock we hopped in the car with Rob and Pat and over to the Daytona Flea Market (5 minutes away) apparently over 1,000 booths here as well.
        Have not been here since the Rally in 2006 and stil an amazing place to roam. Standard Flea Market suff but sill a great way to spend a few hours browsing and its free, unless of course you manage to buy some stuff.
       And we did manage to to buy some stuff that we just had to have! 
Lotsa ffesh veggies
Us Canadians not used to seeing guns on display
Ladies checking out the purses
Cow shakers for Sandy at the farm
outside vendors
we found books!
better prices than at the Rally  
        Aftyer being home for a bit and puttering around , ready to hit the road in the morning, we do have some time for a short "HappyHour".
Lady Girl gets a snack
Then fire up up our Weber to grill a Cornish Hen, cv\ouple baked potatoes
and a can of corn
tasty supper
          After supper  sat ouyside for a fireworks display in front of our rigs.
        The fireworks only lasted about 10  minutes but were awesome. Took a few pics and a short video you can view below if you so care.

        Click the video below you like.
         Well we had another awesome busy day, looking forward to relaxing for a bit. Hope y'all had a great one and thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Gotta argue with your comment "decent prices". $1.49 for a bottle of water that cost $0.10? Or $3.75 for a draft bud or bud light? Sorry, not decent enough for us.

    1. You are right, what I meant to say was better prices than at the Rally. And the Beer was actually a 16oz aluminum bottle.

  2. That looked like the weather there was a lot nicer then back here in south-west Ontario, with lots of things to pass the time. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Nice fireworks show - thanks for the video!

    Guns at a flea market - only in America!

    1. Yep guns everywhere and the fireworks were great including the music.

  4. What a great market. Hard not to buy 'stuff' but where are you going to put it!! Fun to look anyway.

    1. We only by "stuff" that we consume, or the rule is one in, one out.


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