Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fleamarket, Old town Leesburg, Hamburger social, and a Dance all in one day!l

Where are we today ?
        Happy Saturday! Things are happening on the weekends and sometimes we just have to do these things.
32 miles (47 minutes)
        After chatting with Peter and Ann yesterday they told us about The Market Of Marion a Flea and Farmers Market they like to go to. And we do love Flea Markets, so first thing  this morning shortly after 9 o'clock headed out in the car for a nice drive, thru Leesburg, the Villages and then the market near Belleview.
the Villages
         Easily found the market and very busy with lots of free parking and all pretty close to the market. First thing we see is Alligator heads for sale, need one? Nope not us.
Alligator heads anyone?
tables and tables of reading and sunglasses
        The usual Flea market stuff with everything you could think of to buy, Alligator heads, glasses, lots of stuff, food, beer, guns, Rv's, cars, books, motorcycles, golf carts, furniture, jewellery, fruit, veggies, seafood, fresh meat, you name it, a fun few hours looking about.
RV's for sale  
Golf carts, Motorcyles too
cool golf cart
         Now one whole row of fresh fruit and produce, most of their prices were excellent as well. We picked up some sweet potatoes, ($2.00 a bucket) very sweet red navel oranges (4 for $1.00) and some awesome looking homemade garlic sausage, just had to buy a pound, (not cheap but looks and smells like back home). Will try it tomorrow and let you know.

stocked up on these guys
         On our way back home drove thru Historic Old Town Leesburg this is a very quaint downtown area with a town square. Judy and Phil (we visited the other day) had mentioned that we would enjoy a vist here. Saturday it is all set up with vendors and entertainment, but we got here near the end of it. Would have been nice to stop by earlier thou.
main street
town square
vendors and entertainment as well
        Back home it was still pretty warm but raining a bit, even sunshine between the rain drops, but still nice enough to sit outside and enjoy our books for a while
         Now from 4 until 6 pm they have a social time at the Pavilion for supper. Sounds like a good deal so we walked on down to be sociable. Here we each got a hamburger, with all the fixin's, french fries, coleslaw and a beverage for a $5.00 donation each. A fundraiser for the resort and a good tasty deal for us too. Oh we could have had 2 hotdogs instead of a hamburger if we wished. Hey we even chatted with a few people while there as well.
tasty fast food right here in the resort
        Now after supper we back home to read and compute for a bit, rest up for the dance at 7 o'clock, Whew we too busy here, but hey why not free dance and we BYOB too. Got there and the DJ singer was excellent, walked in the door and we were on the dance floor as soon as we choose our seats.
         Fun time and managed to chat with a few people between dances. The disco ball was spinning to add to the ambiance (you might call it.) But we had a ball.
disco ball reflecting on the floor
        A few line dancers at it and we enjoyed every minute of it, but eventually it was getting late time to head home after all this fun. Almost to much fun I think we need to get to the desert in Arizona to really relax in the dirt behind a cactus.
Line dancing.
         Now thats it for today, finish up our posting and call it a night, after another fun Florida Day.
        Thanks for stopping by for the visit.

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  1. I've heard about ice cream socials but never a hamburger social. Either one sounds good to me. Also not too interested in alligators or even their heads. Enjoy yourselves.

    1. I agree on both those points, but we had a good day nonetheless.

  2. All that in ONE day!!! Exhausting!!

    I just realized that your header photo was taken in 2006....time for a new one!!

    1. It was fun thou, a new picture someday maybe.... when I find the right one.

  3. You guys sure did pack of lot of stuff into one day. Nice to see you two again today, sorry if we kept you longer than you had planned. Have a safe trip tomorrow. You'll be able to rest at Fiesta Keys because you'll be on island time.... slow.

    1. No problem all worked out well, and great to see you guys again, safe travels.


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