Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, November 02, 2012

Two Seminars, lots to see and Kenny Rogers on stage.

Where are we today ?

        Well the Florida sunshine is really doing its job today. Beautiful blue, cloudless skies and perfectly warm weather. Started this morning off with a bike ride around the infield thru the maze of Rv's and people here. Was so peaceful except for a few generators running here and there. 
        Everyone you meet is in a "happy mood" and friendly. Why not we are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. near some of the seminars was a row of Antique rv's all cleaned and polished, bringing bac memories of long ago.
         Then a ride around Lake Lloyd in the center od the raceway, again so peaceful looking.
Lake Lloyd
         Well first on my agenda was a 90 minute seminar at 9 o'clock about Rv weight safety/Rv tire safety. As far as I am concerned two of the most important safety factors for RV'ers. I have attended one about 6 years ago but nice to refresh my memory.
informative seminar
        After the seminar and wandered down to the huge vendors tent to locate Pat and Suzie.
         Then headed back to an 11 o'clock seminar for the two of us on trip planning with Streets and Trips and a couple other great programs. We are pretty versed on these programs and but did pickup a few tips.
        Well 3 hours of classroom is enough on a wonderful sunny day. Out to wander about for a while and check things out. Grabbed a quick bite in the Bistro area, hot dog and fries then just enjoyed the great sunny warm day around the racetrack.
        Past all the garages and then overtop is the "Fan Deck" giving a nice view of things from the infield.
lotsa rver's here
nice view
even have a wheel chair accessible golf cart here too.
         We even checked out a few coaches, this one below impressive, by not really for us even if we had the money for it. Really not sure why you need two bathrooms in a motorhome, or such a huge fridge and freezer, or even the built in dishwasher. But then again some people do need those things.
main bathroom 
Master bedroom with ceiling fan
         Now back home to relax a bit, chat with Rob and Pat to see how they enjoyed their seminars etc..
         Then for supper heat up the rest of our chicken pot pie with a tossed salad, a nice quick and easy tasty meal.
        Got supper done early so we could head to the stage for tonights show at 6:30. We walked down as the trams were pretty busy.
climbing into the stands.
Pat, Suzie and me
        Opening ceremonies done with both the Canadian and American Anthems very nicely done. Then Kenny Rogers came on stage. Well he did not disappoint us at all. He talked to the audience, joked and told stories and of course sang so many of his great songs for a 90 nonstop minute show.
He is a young father at 74 years old with twin 8 year old boys, I am sure keep him as young as he is.
        Now after a great day, we managed to hop on the first tram and back to our sites, everyone just in a great lively mood after a perfect day.
        You can click on the video clips below is you wish, not real clear but you get the idea, especially some of his music.

        Thanks again for stopping by and joining us,hope y'all had a great dy too.

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  1. I absolutely love Kenny Rogers. But why oh why did he get so much plastic surgery done that he looks like a freak??? What is up with people doing that??? Now Barry Manilow is following suit. Please give us a break.

    1. Just not wanting to grow old graciously I guess.

  2. Sometimes I sort of 'get it' when it comes to the two bathroom idea. Some of us *ahem* need to have our own little 'area', or at least a really good exhaust fan. Plus, if you happen to be travelling with a group, sometimes that extra crapper comes in handy.
    I don't think I'd want to waste all that extra space though, but to each his own. Plus, I've often wondered about all the drains and such?

    1. Bob I agreee with you , why waste all that space.

  3. Great photos. I almost felt like I was there with you. Love the old trailers. Those are good seminars you picked. Enjoy today.

    1. So mant seminars to choose from too. We have done quite a few over the years.

  4. Great post, looks like a fun Rally! Love the weather, we are getting there!

    1. Lots to see and do here you can be as busy as you wish.

  5. Attended a few RV seminars at the London RV show years ago & found them helpful. I always enjoy live music events & would have liked the Kenny Rogers concert. Heck, I'd even like to see Stompin Tom Conners:))

    1. Seminars can be helpful you can never learn too much. And any live music event is always fun.


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