Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, November 05, 2012

Goodbye Daytona , hello Clermont Florida!

Where are we today ?
        Up early this morning and we are on the road again! But first thing shortly after we hooked up our car is remove ourselves from the infield of Daytona Speedway, 3500 rigs leaving today!

69 miles (111 kms)
        After scouting about in the car, I found an easy exit not too far from us (gate 70), so out we go and around to the front of the speedway and have our coach weighed. 

Gate 70
        We were an hour early but they took us right away. Individual wheel weights to see we if we are overloaded on any corner or wheel of our coach. It ends up we are pretty well within our specks and tire pressures are good for the load. Sure is nice to know that we are not overloaded!
guiding us into the weigh area
left front wheel
left rear wheel
doing our paper work
        Now shortly before 9 o'clock and we are ready to head out. Rob and Pat are getting two new tires on their trailer but are delayed a few hours so we will carry on without them and they will catch up later.
Thank you for visiting Daytona Beach
       From here we stayed off the interstate and headed along the more scenic, (no tolls) and peaceful back roads to Bee's Rv resort in Clermont Florida 90 minutes away.
good roads

soft ice cream anyone?
        Here we are at 10:30 am checking in, a wonderful hot sunny day.
Suzie checking us in
we sure like the price of gas here 
A friendly "Labradoodle" here in the office
got set up and a quick trip for a few groceries at Publix
        Errands done and relax with our books for an awesome afternoon on a wonderful waterfront site.
Egret right next to us
lotsa friendly Geckos stopping by
This is the life
        Eventually Rob and Pat arrived about 5 o'clock after many delays, but now they are here. Time for a quick beer and I whipped up a tasty supper for the four of us. Fetuccini Alfredo with shrimp, a tossed salad and three cheese bread with garlic kinda just hit the spot.
relax and be happy
Lady girl looking for a treat and we found it.
I even get a kiss for the treat
       Now more into central Florida for a week or two, think we will kick back a relax a bit .
        Thanks for stopping by for a read.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. Looks like a real nice Park you are in now...enjoy!

  2. Nice to be in shorts and sandals weather!

  3. ....and we have -3C this morning with a windchill it makes for -6C!!

  4. Congrats on having your RV weight balanced. I doubt that we ever have been!

    Love that RV park. Enjoy.

    1. Always wondered about our weight, now we know for sure.
      It is a nice membership park, like $10.00 a night.


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