Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now in Robertsdale Alabama for a bit.

Where are we today ?
        Had a wonderful overnight rest at Camping World just east of Tallahassee Florida a relaxing morning then on the road about 9 am. We only have a nice 206 mile drive on one road I-10. 
206 miles today
        The first couple of hours were overcast, a few dribbles here and there, but then sun was shinning again and all was great . Stopped at the Alabama rest area and welcome centre for stuff, and a bite to eat for lunch, guess what Turkey sandwiches, nothin quite like fresh turkey sandwiches.
peaceful looking sailboat here
love the way they decorate the overpasses
gettin close
this the place
        As we pulled in to Styx River we were givin a check in package and staff on a golf cart to help us to choose a site. He mentioned that there is a neighbor of ours from Ontario here so we parked beside them. Just happens to be Emile and Monique a couple we have socialized with in both of our home parks in Ontario (Galvin Bay and Rock Glen resort) even a few times here in the southern states as well. Sure is a small world keep running into people we know everywhere!
our site
Emile, Monique and Suzie
        We enjoyed an early happy hour, then a walkabout the resort to check things out again. Its been a year or so.
nice outdoor pool
indoor pool and hot tub
Shuffleboard and beach volley ball
getting ready for Christmas here
        We are in a different time zone now so gained an hour, but getting cool and dark before 5 o'clock. So inside we go and whip up an very tasty supper. Tonight a hot turkey sandwich  (homemade gravy) mashed red skinned potatoes (skin on) and peas. Again so yummy, but that finishes off this batch of Turkey, the rest we put in the freezer for a later date, we have been eating turkey two meals a day for three days now think we will give it a rest for a bit. Maybe try some chicken or pork for a change or whatever appears on our plates.
        Gonna be in this area for a while so sit back relax and enjoy, I know we will.
        Glad you could drop by for a peak!

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  1. Holy cow, you're putting the miles on!

    1. That's it for now putting the brakes on, sit back a take it easy in Alabama for a while.

  2. Looks like another great park for you to enjoy!

  3. You're leaving Florida just as the weather is cooling down elsewhere. However, there are really many nice winter locations as long as you just continue to stay south.

    1. Yep we will do that, keep south, that is. So much to see.

  4. You keep bumping into folks cuz you know a whole lot of them!


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