Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another great sunny day, and I goofed!

Where are we today ?
         Hey guess what we did today? Not a whole heck of a lot. Woke up way to early due to another time change. Got here yesterday and we thought was 1:30 pm  but was really only 12:30. The sun went down way to early like 4:30 we had supper and fell asleep too early.
         This morning again up like at 4:30 instead of 5:30 wow gonna take bit to get used to this. So now all confused but got our computing and coffees done, then went looking for bread and milk around the corner. Found it after checking three places so now we are good.
         Have been in touch with a fellow blogger thats on the Gulf Shores and we are going to get together. A few emails back and forth think I have it figured out. So down to Foley Alabama to meet them, but hmm.... They are not there and I finally realized, oooppps I goofed, tomorrow is the day not today. No problem we needed to go there to Walmart and some shopping anyway, trying to get Suzie's glasses fixed. Hmm They are not easily fixable need new ones. Well I have done a temporary fix and they are working just fine, so now will probably wait until back home so she can get her eyes tested and a new pair.
         Now next thing we know back home late afternoon and time for Happy hour with Emile and Monique friends from Ontario. So we sat and relaxed in the sun and shade for a bit, got caught up with plans and gossip then time to fire up our Weber for supper.
         Tonight we having  a lovely meal of potatoes in foil with onions, fresh carrots in foil, garlic sausage from home and sauerkraut sure made for a very tasty supper. Oh got some nice potato buns too.
         That was it for a busy and not too busy day, but the weather was ok, sunny and warm, we can handle this, no problem!
         Sure glad that you were able to drop by for a peak at what we did today. No matter what we do it is still an awesome lifestyle! Try it you'll love it, or maybe not. That's ok if you don't, it could get very crowded out here.
         Now lets see if I can get this right for tomorrow, lunch 12:30, Lamberts Cafe with Sparky and Eldo, (Where's Eldo) looking forward to meeting some fellow bloggers.

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  1. Some days it's good to not do much.

  2. We've been west for a month now & I am still messed up with the time change.

    1. Once our system get used to the time change we are heading back home and spend the next few months readjusting again, but hey its worth it for sure.

  3. You are human & allowed to goof up every now and then.

    As to eye glasses why don't you find a place to get her eyes tested and order FREE glasses off of Kevin's site.

    1. Now there's a thought, need to check into that thanks.


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