Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Daytona Beach, we saw a Shark ! , and had our tow bar repaired.

Where are we today ?
Daytona Beach
        Today is a beautiful bright sunny day and lots more rigs pulling in all day long. Not a lot happening here that we want to do as most stuff begins on friday. So we took this chance to read over all the info and grab Rob and Pat taking them for a drive to the "World Famous Daytona Beach".
        As luck would have it was an awesome day and tide was low enough to drive along the beach. So cruise the beach we did, not real busy but thats just fine with us.
        Only a few miles from the race track so just have to go there. And first we do the obligatory pictures of us standing on the beach at surfs edge. 
Pat and Rob
that be us
lotsa joggers on the beach too
       These guys are surf fishing and looks like one has something on his line. So we just have to stop and watch him. Just because we could.
        A few minutes later he had landed a small shark! So quickly he was released and sent back out into to surf and back home where he belongs. While this was going on a small crowd had gathered including us and we did manage a few pictures of this vicious looking creature.
swimming away
the group that gathered
Stairs buried in the sand 
new building
Leaving the beach
          Then we headed for the Golden Corral  a buffet chain that we have never been to before and Rob and Pat wanted to introduce us to. Excellent choices and very reasonably priced especially for lunch. Well we tasted and tasted more, most anything you can imagine including great desert selections. Yep ate too much, and was so engrossed with all this stuff can you imagine I forgot to take a picture.
            So rolled on outta there and headed back to camp at Daytona Speedway, to putter around for a  the rest of the day.
entrance tunnel under turn four
         Returning to our coach and had note from the Roadmaster service guys who had been checking and cleaning all the Roadmaster tow bars a free service that they do on coaches here at the rally.
         So I removed the bikes and bike rack and took it down to their service truck. We have it cleaned and inspected every year at their truck in Quartzsite and took advantage of their service here to get it repaired. The parts are much cheaper here at these events and the labor is free. Also performed by actual factory technicians.
this guy here actually serviced our bar in Quartzsite last January,
 he lives on Oregon not far from the factory
our tow bar on the bench
        We needed a new draw bar (thats not what they called it, I just forgot the name) and bushings, a few new washers, got it working smoother and clean up the rest of the bar. I knew it was wearing as it was getting sloppy and was advised last winter to keep and eye on it. So 30 minutes later it was good as new paid our tab (about 1/2 of the coast of having repaired at an rv dealer). Gotta love the customer service we have had from them over the six plus years we have been towing fulltime with their product.
Robin at the cash a friendly lady too
         Back to the rig, reinstalled the bar and be good for a few more years again. Read for a bit, relax with our friends for a while and discuss some activities for tomorrow. So much to do and so little time, we will make our informed choices of seminars to attend over the next three days.
        Great weather, a fun day and no supper tonight after a wonderful lunch out with our friends.
        Thanks for dropping by and giving us a read, hope you day was as good as ours.

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  1. So jealous that you are there in Daytona. Also jealous that you went to the Golden Corral. We love it there. We hit up the one in Port Huron everytime we do a states run. We call it "bunz" because their dinner rolls are to die for. Yum.

    1. We did enjoy our experience there. Come on down we be here until Monday morning lol.

  2. Great beach! Glad they threw that shark back. He wasn't big enough to eat. We had our Blue Ox hitch refurbished a year or two ago. However, we rarely seem to use it since we pull a trailer.

    1. We don't have the toys for the trailer so the tow bar works great!

  3. Wow...quite the catch that guy made....your weather is much better than up here in New York right now!

    1. Yes it was nice to him real it in. You soon be down here too, travel safe.

  4. I heard about sharks swimming in the flood waters up north... don't think i'd be wading anywhere.
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. Beautiful pics of Daytona Beach. Seeing a guy catch a shark from the beach, even a small one, would definitely keep me out of the water for good.


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