Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and we had a turkey dinner with friends, from Canada!

Where are we today ?
        Ok we are Canadians in the USA and it just happens to be Thanksgiving Day. So just because we celebrated ours back in October does not mean we can't celebrate here too does it? This particular resort does not have any activities but we have it covered. Bought our Turkey a couple weeks ago and can just do our own Turkey dinner.
        Just so happens that Jim and Sharon from Alberta pulled into a resort 10 miles down the road yesterday and we invited them over for a visit. Now we last saw then New Years eve at Catalina Spa in Desert Hot Springs California last year and they ended up here just down the road. Now how cool is that ?
       They had another couple there that dropped in from British Columbia Canada and told then to come along too, the more the merrier. Ok we have never met them before but who cares, you are only a stranger until we meet you then maybe you never wish that you met us, never know.
         Well they came over about 1 o'clock and brought Rolph and Johanna with them. Two minutes later we were old friends and were talking up a storm. They wanted a walkabout the resort so thats what we did while the turkey was cooking.
waterlevel across from our site
walking the boardwalk by the boats
wild Jim riding the FROG
nice pool deck but not heated
hot tub and bar 
        After the walkabout time for Happy hour, chat and have a great time comparing notes. Got supper ready on time and shortly after 4 o'clock we are enjoying a nice roasted turkey, cranberry sauce,  creamy mashed potatoes, gravy and mixed veggies, just sorta hit the spot.
        Thanksgiving and everything we have to be thankful for, our health, family, friends and this awesome lifestyle.
now back home for Happy Hour
turkey done
me serving up supper
        Now after supper a walk about again to check out the water entering the campground. Think a bit of wind and a high tide just brings it right in, at least we are a few feet further away.
that's Jim playing in the puddles
waiting for the sunset
Jim and Sharon enjoying the day
finally an awesome sunset today, best one yet
a few more pics then back home for desert
water getting closer
Sharon brought a pumpkin pie with whipped cream
yummy pumpkin pie !
        Well that is it time for them to head back to their camp and we pack up things and relax for the evening. Notice the ocean is slowly getting closer to our rig. Not to worry soon time for bed and worry about it in the morning, I can sleep thru anyting!
        That was it for today just, another awesome day, and a Thanksgiving day to boot! We are so lucky being Canadian snowbirds we get to celebrate two Thanksgivings every year, thats because we have twice as much to be thankful for. 
         Hope you got your turkey today too it was awesome, great, good, tasty, yummy and all that stuff. 
         Thanks for the read.

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  1. Looked like a perfect Thanksgiving with friends old and new, hundreds of miles from home, two great Thanksgivings in one year, can't beat that. Plus nice looking weather to boot!

  2. I think getting to celebrate two Thanksgivings in one month is the way it should be. It looks like you're having a marvelous time. You should be .. enjoy!

    1. That's right we can do it so why not, too much fun.

  3. Glad you had a great second Thanksgiving! Looked like fun.

  4. That pumpkin pie looks great. Well, that's the part that jumped out at me. Haven't had pumpkin pie and whipped cream for way too long.
    Those pesky Canadians are just about everywhere, aren't they?

    1. The trouble becoming friends with rver's is you never know where they are going to show up next.

  5. Glad to see you didn't miss out on any of the American Thanksgiving festivities - great pics. That Pumpkin Pie looked terrific!

    1. Yep its sure was,, with real whipped cream too !


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