Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Cooler, homemade soup and fun with friends.

Where are we today ?
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   Just another wonderful almost fall day here. Got some nice walkabouts done this morning, enjoying the early morning sunshine. Then to boil a bunch of chicken bones from our freezer for a couple of hours to make a very tasty chicken broth in a large pot for some chicken noodle soup.
nice big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup
       After a quick trip to Forest and got a new  license sticker for Suzie's car (our towed) so we good for another year, Back home to finish off the soup and we enjoyed a wonderful tasty lunch, Nothing quite like homemade chicken noodle soup on a cool fall day!
this sure did the trick today
     After a few more walkabouts we enjoyed a very nice afternoon involved  with our e-readers. Mostly sunny skies and  quiet comfortable in the sun, no problems here.
my spot beside the cabin enjoying the warm sumshine
Suzie choose to sit in the  shade
more clothes needed there
      Then shorty after 3 pm Jerry stopped by with  Tucker for happy hour,  A doggie fix for  Suzie.
doggie kisses from Tucker
treats for Tucker 
     Then Walt  dropped by with Maya , more treats and doggie fixesl, Suzie is in heaven !
       A bit later Paul and Judy joined us as well. So we had a bunch of friends here flapping our gums. Always fun to share stories.
Walt brought me a couple of bottles of hot sauce,
he knows I love this stuff
Thanks Walt!
          Soon time to whip up supper, tonight a  couple of Hayter's turkey Burgers that we really enjoy.
we really love these
not long on our weber Q 100 on English muffins
small salad, loaded burgers, sure hit the spot
     Now this as a very nice cool almost fall day. no problems here at all at least we had some sunshine, decent weather and fun with friends that stopped by.
      We managed enjoy sitting outside until 8 pm then getting to chilly we headed inside get warmer and enjoy the rest of our evening.
      Hope y'all had a great day as well and thanks for stopping on by

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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Nothing better than good friends, good fellowship and doggie kisses!!! Oh!! And don't forget homemade chicken noodle soup!!

  2. Yesterday was soup day for both of us! I like more variety so needed to try something different with my tomatoes. It wasn't a sitting out day here but i was happy inside with my cooking and my book. :)

    1. Nothing quite like a good homemade soup anytime of the year, was pretty nice for sitting outside here most of the day, no problem.

  3. Still having hot weather around here but it's cooling into the 70's later but back up to high 80's next. Fall is coming though.

    1. The high 60's here, which is not too bad if the sun is shining.


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