Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hot yes, love it yes, relaxing in the shade, and hockey at the arena, a perfect fall day!

Where are we today ? 
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      Just another amazing hot fall day here and we loving it !  Not much going on here just the way we love it, My lower back is still not right so after a  short walkabout and some ice packs think maybe tomorrow I will go back for another adjustment, Time will tell.
       I did get a short walkabout this morning, limping all the way , not good. Maybe need to get things tuned up bit more.
       Then picked up a few supplies in New Hamburg and home to whip up another light lunch. Then outside to enjoy this amazing heat wave we are having. We do love the heat!
This was our temperature  just after noon today in the shade,
We can deal with this no problem.
      Now not walking too far today I started another great page turner book. One of my favourite authors David Baldacci.  I really got into it for a while, Of course  did some exercises and things to help me, things are getting much better as the day goes on.
another  good book
nice sun rise down the road this morning.
a perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day,
in the shade with a good book
         Now with this temps noticed a neighbours a few doors down still had his pool open and loaded with a mess of young kids having a ball. They were loud but was so nice to hear them having a great time.'
        While sitting out here I used our Dr Ho massage thingy on my lower back to see if that will help with the pain in my leg .  Couple of advil as well.
the pool a few lots down,and lotsa kids
       After a while  Suzie wanted the AC on inside , so I disconnected from power and fired up our genny.  With this on I can turn on both air conditioners and cool our coach down from 93 F to 75 F in less than an hour. Nice and comfy in there for her. Me I still outside soaking up the heat than I love.
         Then just after 4 pm I whipped up a salad  and preheated our Weber Q with the cast iron pan to fry up some halibut fillets with Fish Crisp for tonights supper.
          Not long and the fish is done to perfection just the way we love it.
yummy ? yes it was
    Then supper and dishes done down to the arena to watch Grandson number 1 skating, This is a body checking learning for these guys and he is pretty good at it, he has the muscle, the bulk and the weight to do this  he does really well.
he has on the black jersey 
Daughter number 2. her spouse and grandson number 5 all enjoying
this hockey at the arena
          Back home by 6 :30 and relax outside enjoying more of this wonderful weather. Listening to the cricket symphony, posting the blog and really can;t believe that my leg and hip pain have gone away!  Will keep my fingers crossed and see if it comes back in the morning. I feeling  awesome at the moment and hope it stays that way.
         That was our great hot summer Sunday hope y'all had a great one as well. Thanks for stopping on by.

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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. George,
    I know that you previously mentioned that you had bursitis in your hip.
    Does the pain in your leg go all the way down, like siatic pain would?
    The reason I ask is because I have suffered from much the same and saw a really good chiropractor, (after much hesitation like so many people think of chiropractors) and he really helped me.

    Said that it was not sciatica at all, instead he called it periformis syndrome. It mimics siatica and causes a lot of pain. Anyway after many visits and exercises he had me do, it was almost all gone.
    I am a "walker" too, and if I overdo it, it can trigger the pain again.
    Hope you get some relief.

    1. Thanks Karen. The pain did not go all the way down like sciatica which I have had before. Burt the pain went from the hip are to the front top of my thigh.This Chiropractor is very good and also does sports injuries as well. After relaxing with our Dr. Ho's in the afternoon I got up and magically the pain was all gone. Had a good sleep and still pain free, yahoo!

  2. I thought you'd be enjoying this crazy uncomfortable late September heat!

    1. Yes Stew I sure did, think maybe after working in my restaurant Kitchen for 10 years and usually close to 100 degrees every day I got real used to it.

  3. OK, that's a slightly higher temp. than what we had around here. We were out briefly yesterday early afternoon and the truck was showing 31C, which is *only* around 87F. Still toasty. Should last a few more days.

    1. It was our temperature in the shade under our awning, but reading a book and enjoying a cold beverage it was quite doable for me. no aches and no pain.

  4. Ours was like Bob's sitting around 30/31C and that was under the awning in the shade too.
    I feel for people who have no option of a/c or with health issues.

    1. I don't like air conditioning much but just ran it for a bit to cool down our house mostly for Suzie then open the windows for fresh night time air.

  5. I see in your comments this am you are feeling better, glad to hear! I think i'm more like Suzie when it comes to heat, I like warm but not hot especially in the house. Ken can handle it a lot better than me, but he worked outside all his life. Nice pic of your family there! Nice that you're able to get to the hockey rink and watch while you're in town. Sure it won't be much longer and you'll be on the move again!

    1. Nice to see them when in the area, we leave here tomorrow, and head across the border in 23 more days !

  6. I had to laugh at the title. For some reason, hot and hockey just don't seem to go together. hehe
    In the 90's here in Ohio.

    1. Does not seem right, but will be cooling down here again soon.


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