Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 08, 2017

Cool again, good morning for laundry then enjoy some afternoon sunshine for a while.

Where are we today ?
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          More like fall weather again. Overcast and raining off and on until just after noon. After  a couple of walkabouts I headed into Arkona to get our laundry done at 9:30.Oops.not right now. all the washers and dryers are in use. No problem only a mile away so back home got some reading and lunch done then back by 11:30 nobody there. The machines did a wonderful job while I got some more reading done..
       Folded the clothes and back home by 1 pm.  By this time the rain had stopped skies cleared and was nice and sunny. Pretty nice here with no wind in our spot, so we did get some quality reading done outside.  A friend of ours here, Richard stopped by for a chat and brought us 1/2 a dozen fresh tomatoes from their garden. Nice to catch up with him again and I have a plan for all these free tomatoes.
you know you are in a small town when this is the traffic
      Back to the campground a busy weekend here a whole mess of Square dancers have come in and renting the Hall for their get together this weekend, Even some from Ohio and Michigan have pulled in. They do this once or twice a year, We can go watch them if we wish.
lots of campers here in the Orchard
square dancers
            About 3;30 Rob and Pat joined us for Happy hour on our sunny site and we flapped our gums for a while, Then at 5;15 we picked up a couple of yummy pizzas at the Country Cafe in town.
Country Cafe and  post office
        Now we did enjoy our pizzas sure hit the spot. and as usual we have a couple of pieces leftover for lunch tomorrow.
Yummy? yup,  not real hot but still tasty
too chilly to eat outside, but no problem we have room here
       After supper we relaxed outside for a while and Maya dragged Walt over for a visit to see Moma Sue and to get her usual treats.
she got a new haircut today and looks wonderful
Loves her treats
and she has a routine for each treat
         Then as the evening cooled down, Rob and Pat headed home and we sat outside until about 7:30. but now down to 55F (12C) a bit chillier than we like. So inside to warm up and enjoy a quiet evening inside. Sure does feel like fall, much too cold too early for our liking.
         Thanks for taking the time to drop on by and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Everything but the calendar says fall. Though I have to admit it is my favorite season especially when we get those unexpected warm days.

    1. That is so true, the unexpected warm days sure is a bonus.

  2. This gal isn't big on fall but I'll take the warm days for sure.

    1. We will have some warm sunny days yet, that we can enjoy.

  3. You can appreciate how big those machines are when they drive right past you.


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