Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Amazing hospitality, wonderful local sights in New York on a perfect sunny day

Where are we today ?
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        Up nice and early as usual to find we had a good frost overnight. So fired up our Mr. Heater to warm our coach to comfortable and relax with our coffees and computing for a bit.
       Around 7 am headed for a nice refreshing walk down the road here to check out the new neighborhood. Also a quiet walk through the cemetery across the road and cows in the field next to it , gotta love this country life.
frost on the lawn
car windows too!
love the sunflowers in the garden next door
a wonderful quiet spot for a couple of nights
      Then shortly after 8 am Laurie's Mom had whipped us up a feast for breakfast.  Johnny Cake, spiked sausage,  hot applesauce and fresh maple syrup, wow  what a feast.
       Back at their place next door for a few minutes playing with Rex, Laurie can make him smile for a treat!
look at that smile!
of course Suzie got a doggie fix
      From here they took us out to see a few local sights. Laurie has lived her whole life in the area, and works at the historical society and is a local historian plus very into Genealogy as well, this lady knows her stuff, like a walking encuyclopedia. First on the agenda was the Mennonite Heritage farm. Such  a wonderful farm that is being preserved and restored. As you can see by the sign below it was in the family and farmed for over 150 years !  For the link you can check it out HERE . The house is quite huge with 8 bedrooms and many other rooms as well, over 20 Mennonite families were raised here over the years. All decent dents of John Moser.
signing in
a special tour by Keith Steria
               Over 20 of the families are memorialized here in the Zwanzigstein (Twentieth) Garden the front lawn here at the Heritage farm pictured below.
Old Milk house
     Then next was a the cemetery where some of Suzie's ancestors are buried.
      Then  drive by the Beaver Camp That Laurie has been involved with as well.
       Now to the Still Water Reservoir , where we are waiting for a bout ride down the lake to Norridgewock Lodge at Beaver River. For the link click HERE  .

        The boat ride is one hour through the reservoir where there is 46 remote campsites, accessible only by boat all on the water, very private and FREE! gotta love free.
        While we were waiting for the boat this float plane cruised up to shore circled around then took off heading across the lake, what a wonderful sight.

this be our boat
this guy took his kayak out of a bag!
loading the boat 
     They also have a barge to take vehicles part way, they have to back up the ramp to get in.
pushed in the barge up the lake with a motorboat
     The captain narrated or one hour boat ride giving us lots of local information.
Suzie, Her Dad, Laurie and Dave
beautiful beaches all along the lake
lotsa kayaks paddling too
got to love these isolated campsites,
like being on a desert island
       When we arrived this piper piped us off the boat, awesome .
     The a shuttled to the lodge where we will hang out and enjoy a tasty lunch.
the fish and chips, excellent 
Laurie and Dave's Burgers yummy too
     After lunch we wandered about the property for a while and enjoyed the quiet scenery, waiting for our shuttle back to the boat and ride back to Stillwater.
love this log cabin
our shuttles
and away we go
a few people were having too much fun there as well
        Now back to Croghan and Laurie's mom had another spread of food for us again! This woman is amazing! Heck we had baked beans, mixed veggies, chicken, pork, dressing, coleslaw, whipped potatoes and gravy, fresh buns well. Oh my, where to put all this food, looks so good,  well we gave it a a good try and did managed to enjoy another excellent meal,
      But then we had desert! peaches, homemade biscuits, fresh whipped cream and fresh baked ginger bread cake.  Well we did manage to sample it all, was so good.
     That was it for an amazing day we had here  enjoying some wonderful sights and the wonderful hospitality of our hosts, and amazing meals. Thank you so much for the day, and we still have the reunion tomorrow. Good thing we are only here a few days our waistlines can't handle too much more of this amazing food.
      Thanks for stopping by and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. I cannot believe there is frost already.
    One great day for sure.

    1. Sure seems awful early for frost, but and awesome day though.

  2. Just the other day it was warm and now frost! Wow!
    Laurie's mom sure can cook!! Looks like a restaurant!!
    You guys sure had a great day!!!

    1. Sure was a fun day, and the food she puts out is amazing! Frost yuk !

  3. What an adventurous day! You need to take a couple zip-lock bags next time you feast with Laurie's mom. Put the Weber away and enjoy the left overs :)

    1. We did get some fun things done that's for sure, love leftovers , but I think she has plans for them..

  4. Looks like you are having a fun visit. This little cold snap is surprising, it's even in the low 50's here this AM.

    1. We sure are having a fun visit, and too cold too soon,

  5. Looks like you are being treated well!

  6. Great fun you are having for sure. Also great scenery of a nice part the country. Safe travels.

    1. The scenery amazing and lotsa fun with these amazing people.

  7. You are having a wonderful visit and great sight seeing. It is so crazy getting frost! We haven't had any yet although i was prepared when the forecast was for 4C on Thursday evening. Lucky so far!
    Too cool too soon is right!

    1. So much to see in this area , beautiful countryside it is.
      Supposed to warm up again for a while and that would be good.

  8. Wow that frost is something else! You sure packed a lot into a day. The food looks amazing from breakfast to dinner! Love seeing the Mennonite / Amish way of living. The boat ride looks like it was fun! Cute little restaurant you had lunch in! Thanks for sharing your day with us...

    1. Yup it was cold to start then warmed up beautifully. It was a very busy fun filled day, and checking out The Old Amish Mennonite way of life way back when. The boat ride sure was fun and meals amazing. Glad you could come along.

  9. No frost out here yet but there has been snow not too far away! What a great heritage Suzi has and so nice to be able to visit these areas that mean so much.

    1. The frost is pretty early but is getting warmer again. Suzzie does have a wonderful heritage and so well preserved too. It means so much to her and her Dad.

  10. What a nice tour ! It seems you certainly have a lot going on but it's better to be doing than sitting.

    1. It was a busy fun day, and a lot was going on keeping up active in a good way.


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