Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Indian summer ya think ?

Where are we today ? 
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       Now this is our Indian summer that we have been waiting for. Such amazing weather, cool nights and bright sunny warm days. Up into the low 80's F (27C) think  we can handle this a couple of more months sure would be wonderful (a pipe dream I know) . No problem we will enjoy every minute of this amazing weather outside.
      Got a few nice early morning walkabouts done after coffees and computing then  trip to Forest for a few supplies. Stopped by the reservation to fuel the car and our gas can that we carry, only $1.02.9 a litre. always a good deal here.
      Back home by 10:30 and fired up our Weber Q for a nice breakfast  we enjoy. Bacon, eggs and homefried potatoes on our Weber Q. Using the grill mat that I love.
bacon fried up on the grill mat
      After the bacon was done and set aside I put on some potatoes and onions to make real home fried potatoes.  Then the eggs that work wonderful on this mat (make sure it is level though).
      When I put the eggs on Suzie makes toast for us and we can have a feast!
this sure hit the spot for a treat we enjoy
        After lunch got to read for a while in the shade, (getting too warm in the sun) then I headed over to our fitness centre for another workout. Just cause I could and had the time.
'       More e-reading for a while then Tucker once again dragged Gerry here for happy hour and got his treat .
High five from Tucker
     A bit later Walt came by with Maya, flap our gums for a while enjoying this wonderful weather that we are having.
Walt still in his work clothes but done for the day
and of course Maya gets her treat, first trick is she is a BIG DOG.
another doggie fix for Suzie
     While we were sitting here suddenly noticed all these flying aunts around our fire pit. Looks like they came out of nowhere! Hundreds of them! Walt had some spray in his van and gave them a quick dose, took care of them right quick, Thanks Walt!
thousands of these flying ants, soon gone
        Now Happy hour done I fired up our Weber Q to grill a couple of Shrimp burgers that we came across and enjoy. Added to our salad and I made some shrimp sauce, (Easy Ketchup, horseradish, lemon and touch of tabasco to taste)
 a few minutes on our Weber Q and done perfectly
tasty supper?yup sure was
then again Maya stopped in for another Suzie Fix,
everyone happy tonight
      Just another great day no complaints at all here, keeping busy and just enjoying the good life. Does it get much better? Think not !
      Still enjoying this wonderful evening once again listening to the crickets, Joes topped by for a chat and we continued to read a bit more, finish this posting and about 8:30 thinking maybe head soon head inside as it cools down.
       Thanks once again for stopping on by and hope y'all had a wonderfully as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. If we had this kind of weather year round, we would never leave. Your food always looks yummy. Where could I purchase a grill mat like yours?

    1. This weather is amazing sure gotta love it, We still like to tour around the country, to see different sites.
      lots of grill mats out there, but like this one can cut it to size and works great for us.
      Hope that helps, lots of places sell different ones. Hardware stores etc....

  2. Love this time of year!!! The weather here is really getting nicer too!!
    Your breakfast looks delicious!!! I like to do breakfast meal for supper me hungry!!

    1. This is a amazing weather really love it. Breakfast is good anytime for me too.

  3. I could take another month or two of this too!

    1. Yes Stew a couple more months of this weather then get nicer again, lol..

  4. Gotta get a grill mat! Amazon? When are you heading south George?

    1. Love our Grill mat, Amazon will work. Ww head south 33 more days Oct 18th we cross the border.

  5. That is one super good looking breakfast you served up. Enjoy the good weather.

    1. Thanks Larry, it sure was wonderful. We are enjoying this wonderful weather.

  6. Good times! My goodness, I've been too busy to catch up on your posts! You are still having great fun at Rock Glen and yes, Indian Summer for sure!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes it is wonder weather no doubt there. and we always have too much fun, wherever we are you know that!


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