Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunny very warm day, and the Pinery Flea market.

Where are we today ? 
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     Another cool, night great for sleeping and at 6 am was 57 f (13c) not too bad, Our Mr Heater fired up and within  30 minutes up to 70 f inside and had to turn it down to low.  Got a few nice walkabouts this morning and at 9 am we headed into the Pinery Flea Market with Rob and Pat, their first time here this year. Always love to explore this market when we are in the area. As our regular followers know.
Just a nice way to spend an early Sunday morning
love this doggie with her skirt
not crowded so we saw what we wanted in not much time 
of course got some hot Pepperettes from my favourite vendor
he did not have any extra hot, :<(
    Then into Grand Bend to stop at Grandpa Jimmys  for a few treats that we enjoy.
we picked up 2 pork sausage rolls, a scotch pie and 2 cornish Pasties
     Then down the main drag to the Grand Bend beach. nice and quiet after Labor day. And the beach here is so beautiful .
looking across the lake and all the sailboats our there
the water is so calm
Grand Bend pier and a Kayak just enjoying the peaceful
 day on the water
    From here we headed back home and stopped by Juicy Fruit Orchards on the way to see what was in season.
     Ok Squash , tomatoes and apples are plentiful here. And amazing prices I might add.
         Not much we need today but picked up 2 spaghetti squash and the green pepper (acorn) squash all for $4;50 , now that was  great deal!
     Back home for a light lunch then into shorts to enjoy a very warm sunny afternoon with our e-readers.
what a perfect sunny day we had. even too hot to sit in the sun
so I had to move into the shade
      Then about 3 pm Tucker dragged Gerry over for a treat and happy hour.
a treat for Tucker and doggie fix for Suzie
      A few minutes later Rob and Pat Joined us and Pat got a sloppy doggy kiss from Tucker.
      Not long later later Paul and Judy joined us and we all flapped our gums for a while mostly discussing the hurricane issues in Florida.
always fun to chat for a while with these guys
      Soon time for me to fire up our Weber Q to grill a Turkey breast and some acorn  squash for supper. to go with our small green salad.
love our Turkey and  squash on the BBQ
sure hit the spot and of course, leftovers for lunches and soup
Then Maya dragged Walt by so she could see momma Sue and get her treats.
And Stephanie stopped by to show us her new "Dragon"
 who she named "Suzie! A Mate for her other one
       Now here it is almost 8 pm and I am finishing up this posting outside.  But is getting chilly so very soon time to head inside for the night.
       We had a wonderful sunny very warm day here , really gotta love it.
       Heard from our friends Jim and Michele from Florida and they are safe and secure in a campground in Tennessee. That is great.
        Hope y'all are safe and away from those hurricanes and enjoyed your day as much as we did.

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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. You guys have the greatest days!!! Love the beautiful vegetables!! I haven't been able to find pretty yellow squash lately!!
    Suzie is really getting her doggie fix!!!
    We had to head northwest to flee Irma!! In Tupelo Mississippi tonight!!

    1. It was a wonderful day , like most we enjoy. The squash are in season here now.
      Glad that you are safe from Irma, wise choice.

  2. Crikey ...... guess who else popped in to say g'day?? Yes ...... me Charlie. I sure hope you haven't forgotten me. Good to see that beach looking all calm and peaceful. Glad you're not in Florida.

    1. Hey Charlie nice to hear from you again, we have not forgotten about you. You world love that beach to run on it goes for miles. Glad we are not in Florida as well.

  3. The lake is so beautiful! Most of the flea markets around her go away after Labor Day. I love wandering through them but that will have to wait until Arizona now.

    1. Lake Huron is wonder, and huge, Michigan on the other side. A lot of our Markets here are open until Mid October the we head south and enjoy the winter ones in our travels.

  4. The flea market looks like so much fun every time you go! Nothing better than fresh veggies! The lake sure looks beautiful! I'll pass on Stephanie's new me the here jeebies..haha..

    1. As yo know we love this Market and we are so close to it. Lotsa good fresh veggies here right now in season. It is not a fire breathing one but a pet we don't need either,


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