Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cooler rainy day, weird weather but perfect for a homemade French Canadian Pea soup.

Where are we today ? 
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        Much cooler again today only 52 f (11 C) at 6 am and raining. After the first early rain I did get some walkabouts between the rain and the sunshine.
looking good for a bit
nice by the pond after the rain stopped
clouds are coming in again
          Not gonna get much better, weird weather all day so a perfect day to make a pot of homemade soup. And a favourite of mine is French Canadian Pea Soup with ham.  And it just so happened to be a Friday. Which takes it right in line with a French Canadian religious tradition. Ok I have French Canadian heritage , but have never lived in Quebec and don't speak French but I do enjoy this soup, we had so many times growing up.
       For this French Canadian Pea Soup recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar. It is so very tasty and hearty. And of course homemade, as my followers know we do love homemade soup. A couple of weeks ago we had our dart Banquet here and I cooked up 2 spiral Hams for Gerry, and he was kind enough to give me the left over ham bones. Back then I made a large pot of 15 Bean and Ham soup. I froze the other bone and today I used it for the Pea soup, just for a nice change and of course shared it with Gerry and Melinda.
this the leftover ham bone great for soup stock
slit peas cleaned a ready to start, ham bone going right in there too
only about 90 minutes, smells and tastes amazing
and of course lotsa leftovers, for more lunches
perfect lunch for a cool, cloudy fall day
     Right after lunch I whipped up the road to Juicy Fruit Orchards to pick up some Honey Crisp Apples that we love,  5 lbs for $8.00 ($1.60 a lb)  pretty decent price compared to what stores charge. On the way there a huge heavy rain, but stopped by the time I got there 8 minutes away.  Suzie got the heavy rain at our Site and when I returned I noticed the remnants of hail on our mat..
some left over hail that came down
      Then off and on we could sit outside in the sun for a bit and read, then clouds and rain. 3 pm Happy hour, Gerry dropped by with Tucker of course then the rain began, so inside for a few minutes and then back outside in the sun. The temps did not get over 60 F all day, but felt much nicer when the sun came out occasionally.
Tucker with his new toy
     Inside for a bit and more, play time for Tucker and Suzie, she got her doggie fix today!
sit nice and you get a treat.
go get it !
     He chased his toy to the back of our coach for a while, until she Tuckered, Tucker out!
now can I rest a bit?
        Back outside for a bit more and Melinda joined us after work for a bit until the rain began again !
Melinda nice and cozy in her golf cart

      They headed home and soon time for supper so Suzie cooked?  She wanted a Pizza from in town (the Country Store in Arkona does a great job) so no cooking for me, just order, pay and pick it up. This time it was much better and hotter than the last time. Excellent Pizza, just like I used to make in my restaurant years ago and very reasonable.
my half with olives and Jalapeno peppers
    This pizza was excellent and good value. We managed 2 and 1/2 slices each so have lots of leftovers that will not go to waste, most likely a lunch or 2 for us.
     After supper still overcast and drizzly off and on , our awning secured from the high winds today and only 55 F (12C) so not sitting outside tonight.
      I finished this posting inside, and we got into our page turner books (e-readers) Enjoy the inside warmth from our Mr. Heater and maybe a bit later find a show that we might enjoyed on the tube.
      Thanks for taking the time for a visit and checking us out. Hope y'all had an awesome day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Pea soup is a favorite, and yours looks way better than what we can make. Bet it tasted great with that cold weather coming in. Time to dust off the Mr. Buddy yet?

    1. It was very tasty great with to cold damp day. Yup Mr. Buddy is all cleaned hooked up and working wonderfully we cozy now.

  2. Hope your awning survived that crazy wind and rain!

  3. Fall and French Canadian Pea Soup a perfect combination. Brings back memories of my mom's cooking though she hardly ever could find the yellow split peas so mostly it was green split pea soup she had simmering on a day like today.

    1. Yes great memories for us a s well, I like the green solid pea soup as well but much prefer the yellow.

  4. Love pea soup, reminds me of life on the farm too.
    Not a favourite weather day for anyone except the geese in our pond!
    Warmer temps coming this week though. Yay!

    1. Great memories of days long ago. The warmer temps are welcome once again.

  5. Tucker seems to be everyone's puppy fix. He's sure a cutie!!

  6. Soup looks good George, comfort food time aye! They do make good pizza at the store,Emile & I have been in and had pizza there!!

    1. Yup it is that time of year again. YES Sue makes an excellent pizza for sure.

  7. I must be on the lookout for yellow split peas, never knew about them... looks delicious. I guess with the weather changing, the desert is starting to becon...

    1. These yellow split peas make an excellent soup. In the soup section with dried legumes and dried beans. Yes Peter the desert is calling us we sure do have that travel itch.

  8. That soup looks delicious. Really warms the insides up when it is starting to get cold. You guys are leaving quite soon. We pull out at the beginning of November. Going to Florida this year and looking for places to boondock down there in between our Thousand Trails weeks. Gonna miss that Arizona desert. Maybe we will be back next year!

    1. Thanks the soup sure was tasty, Good luck in Florida too bust and crowded for us, And good luck on finding boon docking place there, let us know if you find any?


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