Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Relaxing Sunday and made huge pot of Ham and bean soup.

Where are we today ?
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    Just another great day here. No complaints at all. Sunshine , warm sunny days (not too hot), and cool nights for sleeping.
      Got a few nice early walkabouts done between making this huge pot of 15 bean , hamand Bean soup. I had 2 leftover ham bones from last night's dart banquet so this morning I began making this amazing soup that we love.
this bean soup mix is amazing, instructions right on the package
and turns out perfect every time
     With the beans cooking I threw in one of the ham bones, for a couple of hours. Just to add the smokey ham flavor. Then pulled to bone out and added the rest of the ingredients took all the ham off the bone and added to the soup. This makes  for a very tasty hearty bean soup and large pot.
takes a few hours but is so tasty
       Now all done by noon we each enjoyed a bowl and saved some more for future lunches. The rest over to Gerry and Melinda's, just cause they like it too and they supplied the ham !
what a perfect tasty lunch,
nothing like homemade soup
      Right after lunch I whipped up the road to Juicy fruit Orchards to pick up a few fresh items.  Mainly  some Honey Crisp Apples that we love. Fresh picked and a very good price to boot.
the fall colours are starting to come on strong
so much nice fresh produce here and really good prices
5 lbs of Honey crisp apples for $8.00 is actually a very good price
we have seen them for as much as $4.00 a LB !
       Now you know fall is setting in when all the squash and pumpkins are being harvested and on display.
         After here drove through Arkona and noticed a few homes with all the leaves on the ground another sure sign of fall !
       Back home to putter around enjoy the wonderful warm sunny afternoon with our e-readers .
Walt stopped by  with Maya to say hi
        Then about 3 pm Tucker dragged Gerry here for a treat and doggie fix for Suzie. Time for Happy hour anyway.
Tucker gets his treat
    Then Maya dragged Walt here for Happy hour and of course she gets a treats as well. These dogs sure get spoiled with Suzie here!
good dog
But then Maya wants to give Walt kisses, what a suck
now she relax with Daddy
       Melinda was done work and she dropped in to join us for a while as well. Nice when she can drop by for a cold one after work.
       Then  time for me to whip up supper. Tonight some Haddock fillets pan fried with Fish crisp on our Weber Q 100.  Warmed up 2 half corn cobs leftover from last nights dart banquet and warmed up a 1/2  lemon to make it very juicy for the fish.
not lone this was done to perfection
          What a tasty light meal and some left over caesar salad to go with it sure hit the spot.
a tasty light  supper
       That was our sunny late summer Sunday, that we enjoyed hope y'all had a great one as well.
       Here we are still outside enjoying this very warm evening at 8:30 pm and still 72 f, this is amazing weather !
       Thanks once again for stopping on by.
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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. I've never had Honey Crisp apples but I do like Galas.

    1. These Honey crisp apples are wonderful I am sure you would love them if you can find them.

  2. I was just going to say I've never had any honey crisp apples but they sound great!!
    Those doggies really love Suzie!!❤️

    1. Hard to decribe them, sweet crunchy and juicy, The nicest apples I have ever had.

  3. Another great day in Ontario. Glad to see you are enjoying each day.

    1. We sure are enjoying this amazing weather, taking advantage of all these warm sunny days.

  4. I made the bean and ham soup for a chili soup cook-off here at our park. Going to pick up some honey crisp apples, I just love them, nice and crisp.

    1. That works too, love ham and beans , and the Honey Crisp apples are awesome !

  5. I've never tried cooking on my barbecue. That's fascinating!! Think I'll try that when I get home!!

    1. So much can be cooked on my Weber Q, just love it !

  6. A good bowl of soup hits the spot every time!


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