Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Sunny warm day no complaints here, got a few things done and thinking about our friends in Florida.

Where are we today ? 
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      Hey it was cold last night, 39 F (3C) at 6 am today, no frost so that's good. But we all nice and cozy in bed. So that was a good thing. Did not take long to fire up our Mr. Heater and get the temps up to 70 f. Quite comfortable then the sun came out and was wonderful !
     A few early morning walkabouts enjoying the warm sunshine, and another perfect view across the pond.
love the reflections here
      With out Mr. Heater running and warming us up we had a propane smell. So need to check that out. Think it needs to be cleaned. I usually do it twice a year spring and fall. but don't remember doing it this spring. Not a problem disconnect and our friend Rob came over. We took it all apart check everything out blew dust and dirt out with my compressor, Reassembled and check it all out. Works like new again!
our Mr'Heater still like new after 10 years
        Now because we removed all our carpet and throw rugs wanted a new location for it so needed a 5 foot propane hose (we have a 12 ft one). So I made a quick trip to Strathroy Canadian Tire and got exactly what we needed. Now all hooked up again, no propane smell and exactly where we want it.
          This done and we can now enjoy a very warm sunny afternoon, outside. No clouds, no wind where we are so into shorts, t-shirt and sandals for me, enjoying our e-readers. Gotta love it !
what a wonderful warm sunny day!
      Around 3:30 Rob and Pat joined our sunny site for happy hour and Tucker dragged Gerry here as well. This is nice Suzie gets her doggie fix and Tucker gets his treat.
no shorts for Suzie, she is a wus,, lol...
High 5 with Tucker
second treat for him, that's all he gets
we do have a nice sunny spot and no wind
Tucker and Gerry
          Then as it cools down a bit I preheated our Weber Q, whipped up a salad and enjoyed a couple of very tasty,  tender pork chops. Using the grill mat leaves wonderful grill marks, keeps the grill clean and the chops nice and moist.
yummy? yup
       Supper done and dishes done now to enjoy some time outside , posting this blog and reading as long as we can until it gets too chilly. Did get to 67F (19C) today and much warmer in the sun. But soon cooling down quickly as the sun begins to set.
      Watching the news of the Hurricane and thinking about friends that live there in Florida, hope you guys are safe and secure somewhere, Jim and Michelle.
      Thank y'all for dropping in today and hope that you too are out of the paths of these Hurricanes and storm surges.
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Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Prayers for all of Florida. The hurricane is a terrible one.

    1. Yes prayers are being said, it sure is a terrible one ! Glad we not there.

  2. We are so lucky in our location. It has to be devastating to experience what they are in Florida and Texas. Our prayers are also with those who live in those areas.
    It was a good day here too, still a bit on the cool side but the sun was most welcome!

    1. Yes we are very luck here where we are located.
      The sunshine is wonderful.

  3. I think you'd love the temps here in the Black Hills - 90/60

  4. Love the Mr. Heaters. They do an amazing. job.


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