Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, September 04, 2017

Back to New Hamburg on a great travel day,, no delays!

Where are we today ?
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        We up bright and early, 5 am this morning, just puttering around for a while, got our coffees and computing done a nice walkabout by 7 am, then securing the coach to get on the road.
a nice sunrise across the road,
gonna be an awesome day
        Laurie's Mom and Dad  walked over just after 7 am to see us off this morning, Such amazing hosts they were, cannot thank them enough ! By 7:45  am we were all aboard and on the road. Wanted an early start so that maybe we could miss some of the Labor Day traffic. And we did extremely well today.
nice quiet country roads
such a scenic drive
saw a few of these houses with the room on top,
not sure what for though
        Just before 9 am we arrived at the Border crossing back into Canada, nobody there, a real easy quick crossing, Gotta love these.
        After the border right onto the 401 west.
not much traffic, perfect
     We sailed right along cruising at 100k (60 mph) pretty well all the way home. Just a couple of very minor slow downs, no big deal.
      At the Port Hope Rest area, we stopped for a leg stretch and potting break I made some ham sandwiches and we got right back on the road, want to get through Toronto and the traffic as soon as possible.
minor accident but the traffic kept going
      We stopped in Milton to fuel our coach just after 1 pm . At least we have passed through any major traffic issues, on the home stretch now.  Then heading on west and the back roads through New Dundee to Dennis and Sandy's for the night. Drop off Suzie's Dad back to his car and  we all enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner with them,
      Here we are back in new Hamburg . Pulled in at 2:30 this afternoon, this trip home was 3 hours shorter than heading out last Friday, no major accidents makes a huge difference.
set back up here for the night
       When Dennis got home from chores we fired up the Weber Q and grilled a mess of tasty steaks for the 5 of us for supper tonight. Along with a salad I whipped up, some corn on the cob and boiled potatoes.
these steaks are done to perfection
by Dennis
      Now this was a very tasty supper, not too filling and sure hit the spot. We passed on desert. Thanks guys for thinking of us.
yummy? Yes it was
we did the blue route only 311 miles
and got lucky with next to no traffic
       Now this sure was a much nicer travel day, no traffic delays and smooth sailing all the way back to New Hamburg . Pretty good for a Labor Day Monday.
      Thank y'all for following along with us on this fun burst long weekend, I know we had a ball how about you ?

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Good to see you an great drive home. Nice to back in home territory.

  2. Glad to read you made it back safe and sound without the traffic delays. Always nice when the border crossing goes well. When our son was at West Point in New York we would cut across Canada, Port Huron to Buffalo, and we always seemed to encounter a long delay, on the way home, getting back into Michigan.

    1. It was smooth sailing all the way, we very seldom have issues at the border, we have found it depends on the day of the week and time of day as to how long the delay can be.

  3. Amazing how you missed all the traffic on your way back. Settled back in Canada in enough time to just sit back, relax and have a great dinner.

    1. We got lucky I guess but travelling earlier the day helps as well. Nice to relax a bit before a great dinner.

  4. You'll be moving on again this morning and it will be another nice country drive. You had a great weekend!

    1. Yes we will a nice quiet country drive to Rock Glen resort for a couple of weeks.

  5. Glad you had a safe, relaxing drive home. Dinner looked awesome! What a wonderful reunion weekend you all had. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Glad to have you along it worked out very well,no issues at all.

  6. An easy drive followed by a tasty dinner... Works for me!


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