Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Moving on down the road again to Rock Glen Resort

Where are we today ?
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        A very nice relaxing sleep we had last night and slept in until 5:30 this morning. Love the early mornings as I have always done. Got some breaky, computing and coffees done then into New Hamburg at 8 am for a few supplies that we needed.
such a beautiful sunny  morning here
         No rush today so just puttered around, secured our coach chatted with Dennis and Sandy for a bit then headed on down the road to Rock Glen resort only 90 minutes away on some very peaceful back country roads. Our membership home park where we have full hookups and no overnight fees. really works great for us. We had some rain along the way but when we arrived the skies cleared and sun came out. Perfect, temps did get to a very comfortable mid 70's  for the afternoon , no complaints here that's for sure.
love traveling these country roads so peaceful
        By 11:30 we had pulled into Rock Glen resort and once again set up on one of our favourite sites, think we be here for a couple of weeks.
nice and cozy here, so peaceful and sunny
     Actually had some time to enjoy our e-readers . something I have not had time to do for the last week, Really gotta love it !
a perfect afternoon enjoying our books 
    Then about 3:30 our good friends Rob and Pat stopped in for Happy Hour, We have not seen them since August at their daughter's wedding in Durham/Hanover. Nice that they are able to get away camping for a couple of weeks. And we can catch up with them again. Paul dropped in as well to join us for a while. We flapped our gums and enjoyed the company, then time for me to whip up supper.
      Supper tonight a grilled Basa Fillet and green salad, sure did the trick. Help us get back into our healthy eating habits again after the fun filled weekend we had in New York and all the amazing food we had down there.
grilled Basa fillet
added to our salad sure hit the spot
      Supper done, dishes done then we can relax outside enjoy this almost warm evening. Read for a bit and finish posting this blog, Then time to head inside as it cools down and we can just veg, watch a show on the tube. Something we have not done for a while.
      Thanks for taking the time sot stop by and hope y'all had a great day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Great to see you and Pat and Rob arrived there safely. Enjoy your time together.

    1. We always have fun the Pat and Rob, so nice to see them in the campground again.

  2. Have fun at Rock Glen, nice to see Pat and Rob relaxing!!

    1. We always have fun you know that, lol. And yes nice to see them relaxing again.

  3. Another beautiful drive and great site you have there at Rock Glen! Seems you have a lot of privacy in that spot and no neighbors on the one side. Glad you had some time for reading..amazing how fast the days go!

    1. It was a beautiful drive and we really love the site. Yes the days just fly by.


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