Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, October 03, 2016

Wrapping up a few things here on a wonderful sunny fall day.

Where are we today?
Rock Glen resort Arkona Ontario
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         Just another wonderful fall day. No rain and some sunshine, temps to  the low 70'sf, we can handle that. Have things to do, burned another year of photos on dvd's only 5 dics. Yup we could do flash drives etc.. but already have them on 2 back up drives, but Suzie would like them on dvd's so thats what I did. It is up to her to find storage places for them. Only 2 years to go. In the future I will edit more and delete duplicates that I take of the same scene.
       First project of the day, after the sun came up was work on taking off the lower hinge of out entry door. The hinges are wearing (after 17 years) and I have been able to put washers on the 2 upper hinges but the lower one I could not remove the screws to get the hinge off. At Happy hour yesterday I mentioned it and Walt had an impact driver that he loaned me. Did the trick. Hinge removed and able to add the washer/spacers to help support the door. Darn it works like new now ! Thanks Walt for the loan and advice. I have been trying for a couple years to no avail.
works like new now
          Then just puttered around, check tire pressures, got a couple loads of laundry done, while cleaned our house top to bottom and a few other things, saw the mobile movers head in about 2 pm, they are moving another mobile home from the park that someone bought. Just wandered over to see these guys to do their stuff, is amazing.
         They raised the trailer and moved it away from the Florida room.  
all ready to go soon
2 of these machines lift the trailer and move it sideways
      In less than 2 hours they were leaving the park, guess the Florida room goes tomorrow. Not a cheap move but worth it for some people.
out the gate and gone
          Then before we know it our final "Happy Hour" at Paul and Judy's for this year.  We leave in the morning and will probably not see them until the spring. We are heading in opposite directions this winter. Melinda and Gerry were there as well. We plan to meet up with them in the southwest at some point.
l-r Me, Suzie, Melinda, Gerry, Paul
and Judy
          Of course Tucker was there and Suzie got her last (Tucker) doggie fix for a while.
      Home for supper and tonight a couple fish burgers on our grill mat as well as a grilled tomato with some spices and cheese.
       Made a bit of simple tasty tarter sauce, a bit of mayo, salt, pepper, green relish and a touch of lemon juice. So simple and tasty, people in my restaurant requested it often.
         Just another fine day with sunshine nice weather and a few things wrapped up. On the road in the morning to Plattsville, (about 90 minutes away) for a few more last minute things and family visits before we head south.
        Thanks for stopping by again and I really know that y'all had a great day too.

Where we have been this summer


  1. Two years to go. You'll soon get wanderlust again if you stop.

    1. Can't stop travelling, have 2 years of photos to back up. I have always wandered around my whole life.

  2. It amazes how easily some big things can be moved these days.

  3. JUst goes to show there is a tool for everything, from tight screws to lifting trailers. Now how do I fit them all in my tool box? :c)

    1. Can't take everything, we purged a long time ago, but we do manage to get by.


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