Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 01, 2016

A drizzly fall day was perfect for what we got done today.

Where are we today?
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  We having fall weather again, another day of overcast cool drizzly stuff. But no problem we have things we can do on days like this. Actually look forward to them once in a while. So  up nice and early got some computing and coffees done. Grabbed a couple bags of chicken bones from the freezer filled a huge pot with water and let them simmer for a few hours on low. From 6:30 till 10. The smell in our coach today is wonderful.  Drained the broth add all the veggies spices and noodles an by 11:30 we have a very hearty soup. Just looking at the cloudy skies and rainy weather this was wonderful.
love a good hearty soup
          And while this is happening I began burning more DVD's to back up about 6 years of photos to disc. It takes 3-4 dvd's per year and does take quite a while. Just set them up and let them go one dvd at a time. In the meantime whipped into Forest and grabbed a nice large pack of discs 100 in a pack at Canadian tire, only $39.00 and I had Canadian tire money to pay for it, like free ! Should have enough discs for a while now.
          Home for a nice light lunch. And filled up the container that Paul and Judy sent over the other day with their very tasty Beef barley soup. Can't send the container back to them empty now can we?
love homemade soup 
this was our weather most of the day
at least not too cold
             While the computer was burning discs I took the time to remove all of our windows screens and give them a good fall cleaning. Then while they are drying I cleaned all of our inside windows and mirrors as well. Just keeping and eye on my computer, changing discs as needed. The new  Dvd burner is doing a great job!
screens all cleaned and drying
         Then by 3:30 had enough work, gonna have a "happy hour" with Gerry and Melinda, but still drizzling. Our awning was out, nice and dry here. They came over brought Tucker  and a good friend (Graham) as well, Joe stopped by and we had some fun lively conversation for a while, glad the weather was nice enough to sit outside.
Tucker fix for Suzie
we comfy and dry
Tucker came in for a visit too
Suzie fix for him
           They all headed home and I can whip up supper. Tonight some pan fried Pickerel(Walleye) with Fish Crisp done on our Weber Q 100. And grilled a 1/2 lemon, about 5 minutes, (so juicy when you do this.
             Added to a tasty salad and we had a healthy feast.
very good as usual
           There ya go a yukky day but we sure got stuff done and had a good time.
           Thanks for taking the time again to stop on by, always nice to hear from you too.

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  1. There's just nothing like a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup on a rainy day.

  2. I back up our photos the same way. And you are takes time for sure. Great idea though.

  3. Soup and cool days just go together!

  4. Your soups always look good but unfortunately Bill is not a soup guy so not much point in me making a pot. Glad your day went well!

    1. Thanks Patsy, Suzie will have 1/2 a bowl and the rest is for me over a few days.

  5. Your fried fish always looks delicious with a great color.

  6. That's how I do my photos... on DVDs. I'm kinda behind now, but it's so much easier to carry a photo album of DVDs along with us... several years in one album... than real photos. Your soup looks so good... our daughter made chicken soup/stew today... you'd love the weather here right now.

    1. I have a back up drive plus the cd's and they can be viewed on both my Mac and Suzie's PC.
      Nothing homemade stoup,. Hope to get down that way again sometime this coming winter.

  7. George: Am a follower of your blog. We got off the road after 13.5 years in our motorhome. I wanted to share with you that I had burned several DVDs only to find that my latest computer does not have a DVD drive. I had once read that DVDs would become obsolete so I've been using Flash Drives. Eventually, we'll probably end up storing in a Cloud.

    1. You can get an external dvd player/ burner, thats what I bought works on any computer with a usb port. The trend is to store in the cloud, but we don't always have internet so this works for us , right now.


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