Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, October 07, 2016

Still great weather, coach serviced, prescriptions ordered and Turkey carved.

Where are we today?
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         Still having another day of wonderful weather. Got up to only about 80f (26c) and wonderfully sunny all day. Looks like it will cool down a bit now for a while.
love this mist over the yard
         Nice to be able to walkabout town at 7:30am shorts and t-shirt at this time of year, probably the last time for a while. Stopped by Pettigrew's Garage and Dale was not too busy this morning so he could service our coach at 10 am. Best do it when the weather is nice seeing as he has to do it outside. Perfect, our last lube, oil and filter before we take off for the winter. He checked everything over quite thoroughly (as usual), hoses, belts, brakes, etc looks good and tires all up to pressure. Looks like we good to go, will do the car next week.
at Pettigrew's getting done
           Then a nice light lunch and a quick trip to New Hamburg, drop off our vacation prescription request before we head south.
            Then I carved up the turkey I cooked yesterday, all laid out in a pan white meat and dark meat separated, juices and broth and replace the skin I removed before carving. Cover tightly with foil and back in the fridge to reheat on Sunday with my family.
broth on the turkey to keep it moist
skin back on top too
      Not that's done we can enjoy our e-readers on another perfect day.
was actually too hot in the sun, so into the shade
        I started the book I opened yesterday and realized that I have read it already. Hmm guess I screwed up the data base and did not record it. No problem we have lots more books. This one Linwood Barclay (Bad Move) have not read this one.
love the willow trees behind our coach
         Then soon time for super, tonight had a couple Haddock fillets to do on our Weber Q on the grill mat with Panko bread crumbs was wonderful! For the recipe click HERE  or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
the grill mat works great for some applications
        Just added that to a salad and grill some lemon for a couple minutes sure makes lotsa lemon juice for the fish and my salad.
another tasty meal
       Sure can't complain about this fall weather and like our summer has been amazing so far.
       Here we are enjoying a nice mild night outside with no bugs, just blogging and reading, Yup we love this lifestyle, just putting in time until we can head south. Less than 2 weeks now. Yippee!
        Thanks once again for stopping on by and all your wonderful comments.
        Still only 7:20 pm and blog posted can read a it more outside for a while yet.
When we head South Oct 20th

Where we have been this summer


  1. Three Linwood Barclay books are advertised on billboards here at the station at the moment. I noticed because you'd mentioned him. I have read any so will be looking him up.

    1. We have read quite a few of his books and many more authors that we enjoy as well. Suzie can read a book in a day or two, so we need to be well stocked up and lots of choices.

  2. I like the way you prepped the turkey and used the skin. Sounds like you'e close to ready to head south.

    1. Prepping the turkey that way makes it much easier to do n the day of.
      Only 11 more days to go....

  3. Perfect day for reading books in between other little chores. Love this weather! Your turkey looks great as usual.

    1. Love to relax for a while and and read for a bit every afternoon if we can, try to fit that into our days when possible.

  4. We both have a database for our books also. Paul has found that on more than one occasion he forgot to record a book. But with the free books from the online library, he just downloads another.

    1. We share an online data base on google drive as Suzie downloads books for us. Have a few hundred ready to read yet so we have lots of choices.

  5. Always nice to get the RV serviced, mine always seems to run so much better after the TLC. ;c)


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