Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Moving on down the road, watch the trailer guys, cheap propane and a nice country drive, Mr heater ready to go now too, and grandson's hockey.

Where are we today?
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        The weather for the next few days will be wonderful. Starting of with a nice sunrise this morning at Rock Glen Resort. Not in a hurry today so got a few nice walkabouts. Chat with a few people and just relaxed enjoying this weather.
nice sunrise from our site
love the mist over the pond
       About 8 am the crew came in to remove the Florida room from the trailer they took out yesterday. So in no rush I had to go check it out.
they had it turned a ready to load on the trailer
trailer in place ready to back up
         They have these amazing (gators?) that can move it around and set on the pillars. Trailer backs underneath and is raised up . Remove the pillars tie down the load and away they go. I missed some of that cause we packing up.
by 9:30 they heading out past our site
        We puttered around secure our coach and headed on out around 10 am. Stopped on the way to top up the propane in the coach, still a good price, .52.4 cents a litre  only $1.50 a US gallon converted at today's exchange rate, sure can't neat that! Only $16.35 for 5 weeks and quite a bit of dry camping there, as well as the BBQ and oven. A nice back country drive to Plattsville, couple hours and we set up at Camp awesome.
a bit foggy for a while, but no traffic.
         Just before Plattsville actually saw a wonderful Maple tree with fall colours, yup Fall is here.
        All set up just after noon, a bite for lunch and Suzie whipped over to her brothers to pick up our mail and have a nice visit with him.
so quiet here, awesome!
         I set up our Weber Q 100, Satellite dish and got out our Mr. Heater, cleaned it all up, hooked up the propane line and fired it up. Looks like we good to go. Ready for another winter. The Mr Heater works wonderful for us  (9 years old now) and saves so much electricity and propane. Sure glad that we got it.
our Mr Heater still works like new
hooked up to our main tank
       Now to relax outside and actually get some reading time done today. Before time to whip up supper.
enjoying the sunny skies and peaceful view here
       Tonight grilled a couple boneless pork chops to add to our salad and some cantaloupe.
sure hit the spot
       We here until Oct 20th so will get things done one day at a time. before we hit the road again to the southwest.
       After supper I headed up to the Plattsville arena to watch Grandson Number 1 at his hockey practice, first one I have seen this fall. He is doing well. And a bonus was his Mom daughter number 2 was going on the ice to help out too. With her figure skates on of course. She still looks wonderful on the ice. All that figure skating she started 25 years ago and kept up for so many years, and she has not lost her touch.
there she is, big smile
so proud of her
Mom and son warming up
conferring with the coaches
ready for a play
       Well I hung out until after 9 pm, which is bedtime for me, so back home, relax a bit more finish this posting and off to bed. My early mornings call for early nights. Same as I have always done almost of my whole life.
       Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a wonderful day too. 

Where we have been this summer


  1. We are sure you are anxious to be om the road in just over two weeks. We might even cross paths in the southwest this year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are always anxious to head south, just love touring around. Out plan is to be between here and the south west.

  2. Love the Mr. Heater. They sure do a great job keeping us warm.

  3. Would you be so kind to tell me a little more about the Mr. Heater. Do you run it inside over night? Where did you run the cord for the connection of the propane?

    1. We do not run it overnight. A heavy comforter keeps us toasty at night. Always have a window open about an inch.
      Ran a 12 foot propane hose under a throw rug and connect to the main large tank on our motorhome.
      Works wonderful. The one pound bottles are too expensive.

  4. Love our Mr. Heater as well. We have it going this morning, just taking the chill out of the air. One of the best items that we have bought for the motorhome.

    Great price on the propane! I guess you never have problems filling the tank with all the difficult rules that Ontario has for propane? Our propane tank is 20 years old now and according to the Ontario rules, we can't get it filled up here in Ontario until it has had an inspection which of course costs money and it is hard to find someone that is qualified to inspect it.

    1. Yes the Mr Heater sure was a great money saving investment.
      Have never had a problem getting it filled. Had the main shut off replaced a few years ago in Tucson AZ plus it has the OPD (overfill protection device) that automatically stops filling when the tank is 80% full. It is 17 years old.

  5. Love looking at the mist over the water too.
    Hope you don't have to use that Mr. Heater too much this winter.

    1. The Mr Heater does get a lot of use early mornings and evenings before we go to bed. As we do a lot of boon docking so electric is not an option.
      A good night's sleep with a cold nose is wonderful.

  6. It is amazing how easy they make the trailer moves look. All I can think is how much easier it is o watch from the sidelines!

    1. They have all the proper equipment to do the job and does make it pretty easy. I love to watch them do the work though. Interesting.

  7. Silly us. We all thought "Mr. Heater" was one of Suzie's pet names for you...! ;)
    Happy Trails to you guys!


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