Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Visit friends, my son and family in Hamilton for an awesome meal, then back for a Hockey game

Where are we today?
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       Was a very mild night 64f at 5 am but was raining. Went for an early morning cruise around town and spotted an interesting sunrise in the clouds.
right behind our coach was
these interesting mushrooms
          Before 9 the rain had stopped so got a few nice walkabouts town and in the bush across the street, The weather getting warmer and humid actually got up to 75f and felt like 82f. Another great day.
nice trails here right across the road from us
interesting fungus on some of the logs too
a very mossy old log
         At about 11:45 after a light lunch we hopped in the car to go visit my son in Hamilton. But we got there about 20 minutes early so drove down the street a few blocks past John and Wendy's and he just happened to be in the front yard. So we just had to stop in but just for a very short visit, have not seen them for 3 years. We Camped together many times years ago. Hope we can see them again some day soon.
and Suzie got a doggie fix
he jumped right in her knee
Darn If we can remember his name,
but he sure was cute
they look great as usual
      Sorry to visit and run, but we gotta see my sons new house just a few blocks away, now we are running a few minutes late.
       This is their very first house, in Hamilton after living most of his life in downtown Toronto (big city). Also wanted a house for their first child, only 11 months old. So some big steps for them. The house is very nice, beautiful sunroom out the back as well, not too big and with a bit of minor decorating will be just perfect for them. Handy to shopping, the highway and the commuter train to his work in Toronto. Not only that but much closer to her family as well.
a nice comfortable back split 
proud daddy he is
she loves her keyboard
just about walking, and always smiling
        Now Jane had wanted to cook up supper and said we could have it early. Perfect! Now she is a wonderful cook, roasted potatoes and zucchini, excellent salad, fresh bread and 4 monster steaks, done to perfection and oh so tender. Well we did out best but ended up with leftovers that she sent home with us.
awesome meal
we were stuffed but managed to share a cinnamon buns
        We did manage to a nice shot of them on the way out Ken , Jane and grand daughter number 2. We had a wonderful visit with them, first time we have ever been to any of their homes.
all smiles
Thanks guys for the wonderful visit
       A very nice visit and with an early supper we were able to make the one hour drive back to Plattsville to see Grandson Number 1 play Hockey at 5:45. Got there just in time. First time we have seen him on the ice this fall and most likely the last as we are outta here Thursday morning.
has a few good moves he is on the right
number 9
       After a very good fast paced game the time flew by, but then we home by 7:30 to kick back and relax.
        Thanks for stopping in and hope you had a super Sunday as well.

Heading south on Thursday

Where we have been this summer


  1. Your son sure resembles you! Love the house and sounds like a great meal.

    1. Oh I think he is much more handsome than me. Mind you he is 20 years younger as well.
      The meal was awesome!

  2. Good timing to get those last minute visits before heading South. Nice looking family.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks it was nice to see them again and check out their new house.

  3. The family visits are so important before heading south. Nice that you were able to see them once more.

    1. It sure is nice to see them again and tour their new house.

  4. Very pretty mushrooms you found and, WOW, what a great looking family you have. You have a right to be proud.

    1. Thanks Dizzy, we are proud of the kids and all 7 grands as well.

  5. Nice house and an even nicer dinner. Happy families.

  6. Loved seeing all the mushrooms... especially the Shaggy Mane. Looks like you're storing up some family time to tide you over during the winter.... way to go!

    1. Thanks for identifying the Shaggy Mane.
      Getting as much family time as we can before we head out.

  7. My head is spinning just seeing all you did in one day! ;c)

    1. It was not that bad, we paced ourselves and di not have to rush at all. Fun times though.


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