Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, October 10, 2016

Frost this morning. more fun family time and a nice visit with my mother.

Where are we today?
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      Hey we had frost last night! Got up and out for a nice brisk walk about the neighbourhood exploring like I enjoy. So peaceful at this time of the day even in the city. A few people walking their dogs. With this cold weather it's really telling us that we soon need to head south, only 9 more days !
yup we had frost 
even frost on the houses too
nice fall colours in town too
          This is a "traffic calmed neighbourhood" they have speed humps every 1/2 a block or so makes people slow down, reminds me of the "topes" in Mexico. They are very effective really makes traffic slow down or ruin your vehicle.
speed humps
         During my walkabout across the crunchy frosty grass you can see my footprints below.
They even have wildlife, squirrels everywhere
Daughter #1 beautiful century home
     Shortly after 9 am we decided to hop in the car and drive an hour to go visit my Mom in her  longterm care home in Lindsay for a Thanksgiving visit before we hit the road.
a nice country drive
       My sister, b-i-l, and brother were there as well, we had a wonderful visit with ma and shared some nice gluten free chocolate cake and coffee.
was nice to see every one  again
      Left there about one and back to daughter's house for the afternoon. Got to spend some very nice quality time with her and a bit with the grands as well. A nice relaxing afternoon.
      My son brought me a bottle of this salt below, infused with very hot Ghost Peppers. Even though I have cut salt from my diet, it is amazing only about 4 grains is needed to really heat up a dish.
amazing "hot Salt"
      We hung out for the afternoon and enjoyed some fairly warm outside temps.
check out the neighbours shed,
slowly sinking over the years
love their new deck 
and the rain chain,
into the rain barrel
      She had put on a pork rib roast for supper and was done to perfection.
       We enjoyed a very tasty pork dinner with veggies, rice, stuffing, cranberries, salad and some pork gravy.
oh yeah was wonderful,
she is a great cook too
       We chatted with them after supper and the grands, Grand-daughter was reading us some of her homework in French, She is doing very well for 7 years old, She is in French Emersion at school, very handy to learn hear in Canada.
A story about Terry Fox in French
     That was it for another fun day, visiting with the rest of our family so much fun.
     Thanks for stopping by.

soon to head south Oct 20th !!

Where we have been this summer


  1. You got frost and we are still running the AC.

    1. This is the time of the year , anything can happen here, Looking for some warmer weather in about a month.

  2. Great to see you spending Thanksgiving with family. We are doing the same! All that food looks delicious. :-)

    We woke up to frost as well, hopefully it will stay warm just a little longer. You must be looking forward to heading south. We will think of you as we head east.

    1. Always nice to see the family before we head south, and enjoy some very tasty food as well. The weather should warm up slight for the next little while, but will be nice to get on the road again.

  3. We haven't had frost yet and really hope it doesn't come before we escape on our journey south.

    1. I don't think it will last, so we should be good for a while yet.

  4. We had frost over Sunday night too but it doesn't take long for the sun to burn it off. This morning it is cool but going to be another beautiful day. I must try a pork rib roast on the Q, looks great.

    1. When the suncomes out it really warms things up quickly.
      The rib roast was excellent would be wonderful on the Q.

  5. Is it ever cooling off now. No frost yet here, but getting close. Soon you will be heading south again.

  6. The house and deck are lovely.
    I wouldn't even wet the tip of my finger and taste that Ghost Pepper salt. My mouth is on fire thinking about it.

    1. Thank you they did a great jib with the deck.
      This is a spice that you use in moderation, but not for everyone.

  7. Frost? Yikes! You can't head south fast enough... ;c)

    1. Only 8 days then we can cross the border, our plans may change on a daily basis as we travel though, never know.

  8. Your daughter leaned it all from her great Dad, the chef :)

    1. LOL... I did teach here some but mostly she is self taught like me..


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