Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, October 21, 2016

Cold, damp and rainy day but we are soon heading further south.

Where are we today
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      Heck it rained all night and all day as well. hmm... Got up to 50f just cold, damp and windy. No problem we have things to do anyway. we should be heading further south but we do this every year to meet up with our friends.
      But a few more errands and get our laundry done before we get the road again. Even with the rainy weather the campground here is full An people have their sites decorated for Halloween. Not going to bother with our satellite dish in the rain,the tv is not that big of a deal anyway. Too cold and rainy to fiddle with. Got some nice reading time done(inside) in the meantime.
           After a quick trip to the store at 8 am  got our laundry all done by noon . perfect for a rainy day project. Light lunch then proceeded to re package some chicken we bought and cut up the large pork loin roast we brought across the border (allowed).
only about 2-3 empty sites in
the whole campground
              I cut up this pork roast that was on sale 7 lbs for $6.00 CDN we got in Ontario and could take it across the border. Got 4 large chops and 2 nice large pork roasts from it, What a good deal.
     Now still raining so fired up our Weber q and put this  7 lb chicken on the grill, wind screen set up and on low for 2 hours. It is a big bird but lotsa meals planned from this baby. Soup tomorrow.
done perfectly again
185f internal temp
added to our salad
was perfect
         Our good friends Bill and Barb arrived so we spent some time after supper catching up and going over their winter travel plans, First winter for them to head south. They are looking forward to it  and sure they will have a wonderful time, seeing new sights.
         Still raining and getting colder so inside for the night and call it a day.
         Thanks again for stopping by.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Safe Travels. We also left yesterday and are heading southeast for starters. We will be following your travels and hopefully we will be in the same place at the same time somewhere down the road!

    1. Thanks ,same to you guys as well, it is going to be another wonderful winter, travelling about.

  2. Brrr, makes me glad we are new snowbirds! We didn't have the rain yesterday until 8 pm but very cold windy day. This morning we woke up to wet snow filtering around!!! Good time to leave this country!

    1. It will be a while before we get warm weather, and I am sure we will some snow in our travels as well.

  3. Jealous as we head into a grim grey wet winter in the UK.

  4. That is exactly what it is here right now, but eventually we will get to nicer weather.

  5. Good to see that you're on your way! What a deal of that pork roast! And that chicken looks yummy. Made me think though... we buy a grilled chicken every Sunday from a place up the street. Last Sunday I threw away the bones. Tomorrow's chicken "left overs" (bones, gristle, etc) are going into a pot with some onions, garlic and peppers. Yes, George... you've inspired me to make some stock that I'll probably freeze and use later. Thanks!

    1. Why waste the bones makes a wonderful soup stock just by adding some what and boiling the goodness out of the leftovers. So tasty and good for you, at least you know what is in it.


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