Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weather better and a fun afternoon with good friends.

Where are we today
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          Much nicer today, sun is shining 54f, and less wind. A couple walkabouts this morning and said so long to some of our friends that were leaving early, then and just puttered around for the morning. Showers done, Suzie gave our coach a good inside cleaning. Check tires and secure the coach.
the geese are on the pond ready
to head south with us
most the people gone, so quiet now
         We had lunch here then made our way over to Bill and Barbs for the afternoon. So nice that we can stay here for the night and have sone relaxing time with them.
        Buffalo Bill's game on at 1 pm and they are major sports fans. We are not sports fans, so no need to hurry it is only 17 miles anyway. We did enjoy some of the game though. To bad the Bills lost to Miami but we did see the end and we thought is was exciting.
We parked in their driveway for the night
love their country setting
       Not far from here is Niagara Produce, I place I enjoy shopping at, so a quick trip there for a few food items.
love checking this place out
some amazing deal to be had
grocery bags are paper, a rare site anymore
             The game was over about 4:30 and sadly  Miami defeated the Bill's, in a close game. But then what do I know I am not a sports fan. We did enjoy the last half on the game though. With as blow by blow from Bill.
              After the game they took us to Bernard's Brewery Bar for supper. A nice sports bar with excellent food. Their Daughter Kimberly and Scott joined us as well. I had my craving of Buffalo wings, fries and celery and carrots with blues cheese dip,my extra hot sauce to kick the suicide sauce to my standard.
LR: Suzie,Scott, Kimberly,Bill, Barb.
Suzie had Schnitzel, hot German
potato salad, and red cabbage
I had to have my suicide wings,
 fries and blue cheese dip
            We all enjoyed our meals, very good and the service was excellent.
            Back to Bill and Barbs for a bit, relax and chat with all of them. But them time to call it a night. They all have to work in the morning and we will have a pretty long travel day tomorrow. Travelling due west as long as the weather co-operates.
            Thanks for stopping by and joining us.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. It sounds a little nippy where you are. The good thing is the weather is just going to start getting better from there.

    1. It was much cooler the last few days, looking forward to some warm weather again.

  2. Yesterday was a wonderful last day here as well. We didn't have much left to do but got in to see Mom one last time with promises to return before her April 17 birthday. :)

  3. You'll be on your way south now. Happy travels!

  4. You are right. Their setting in the country is gorgeous. Good times with Good friends...the best.

  5. Always fun to visit produce markets. We took in the Asheville market on Saturday and hard to believe there is so much stuff - especially pumpkins, squash and gourds

    1. This one is a real gem, very nice and modern too.


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