Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Another great fall day, sunshine, grandsons hockey and getting closer to our departure.

Where are we today?
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           Hey it was a cold night and frost first thing morning on the car windows. But we toasty warm inside once I fired up our Mr. Heater.
          Had a nice sunrise out our kitchen window to start off another great fall day.
love our morning view
yup it was frosty
          Headed out for a nice walkabout town about 7:30 am, so peaceful love this time of day. And very fresh as well. Managed to walk most of the village and stopped by the arena to check out the action. A bunch of little guys just learning the ropes. And the snow/ice piles behind the arena reminds me of what is to come.
ice pilled behind the arena
the corn field and bush behind us
just down the road by the river
      We had a nice light lunch (Turkey soup for me) and another walkabout, Suzie's Dad dropped in  to head up to the arena in town to watch Grandson number 3 play hockey.  What a great fast paced  game, they defeated Delhi  5-0.
he is number 87
lots of great moves
     We back home before 3 pm and relaxed outside once again enjoying our e-readers and a very nice warm fall afternoon , about 70 F.
chiily a bit in the shade
but still wonderful
      Have read about a few bloggers that owned old Mercedes and John here just happens to own one that he loves and drives almost every day. Not sure of the year but I think is one of the good years from way back when, a 300D Turbo, He does his own work on it too.
            Around 4:30 thinking about supper, so whipped up a salad and grilled a couple Turkey Garlic sausage and fresh asparagus. On this lovely warm sunny fall day.
sure was tasty
       Another fun fall day, with great weather and family time. Only 5 more sleeps before we head across the border to begin our southern migration. Are we ready? You betcha we are chomping at the bit.
          Thanks for stopping on by!
We head south Oct 20 th
Where we have been this summer


  1. That older Mercedes looks wonderful. You two are on the very final count down. Three more sleeps and you are off.

    1. It is in great shape, yup we are ready to hit the road, just a few loose ends to toe up.

  2. Frost! Snow! Ice! Don't remind me. It's bad enough that it's getting dark in the evenings.

    1. We hope that we can avoid those three nasty words for most of the winter, but getting dark earlier we can't avoid.

  3. We are further north and didn't have the frost, lucky I guess. It must have burned off nicely though with that gorgeous day! Today is even warm in the clouds, got in a nice walk with my sister.

    1. We are in the river Valley here in Plattsville. Raining this morning but clearing up now.
      Yesterday was wonderful.

  4. Still n the mid 80's here but still has a fall feel with dryer air and lower sun. Supposed to drop 15-20 degrees by Friday.

    1. Yup it's getting chilly, so we need to get outta here soon, and slowly make our way to the southwest.

  5. We'll be looking forward to reading about your adventures as you head south this week. Maybe we'll cross paths in the southwest.
    We're trying to get out of here before we see any of that white stuff.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are so looking forward to getting on the road again, should be an interesting journey this year. I know we will see some white stuff on the way but hopefully not too much.

  6. Thank goodness that wet white stuff belongs to the arena and isn't on the road. Just a few more days and you'll be on the road again!


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