Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Saturday and Sunday visiting family, and friends

Where are we today ? 
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       This posting is all about our Saturday with Family and Sunday back home.
Warning lotsa pictures and lotsa memories for us.
    We left Plattsville just before 1 pm on Saturday to arrive at my son Ken's place about a 55 minute drive. to Hamilton Ontario, but on the way we saw some storm clouds coming in. Hmm looks like we will be getting something. And yes we sure did.
the clouds are coming in big time
    We take hwy 403 to the Linc then to their place 3 KMS before the LINC the rain came down and we are pretty well stopped. wipers on high and just crawling along deep water running across the highway, so we took our time the last 5 miles took almost 30 minutes. We arrived to visit with Ken Jane and granddaughter # 2 for a and afternoon BBQ. With the very hot weather the rain cooled it down a bit. Then it stopped about 3 pm and outside we went to their yard.
here she is all excited jumping right up to Visit Gramma Suzie
she had to show us some toys first was her teddy bear.
who had a different name each time I asked.
Jane waving at us
    Rain stopped so she had to show us the back yard so we could go out and play.
chair cushions drying in the sun
this is their garden all in 5 gallon pails,
HOT peppers, Habenero, Ghost peppers,
Tomatoes, cucumbers,
they love the hot stuff just like me!
they have a nice yard not too big.
swim suit on time for a swim
slide into the pool and cool off

add some water and cool it down
ok Daddy I want to play with the hose
we almost got wet!
        Jane was prepping supper 2 pork tenderloins with 2 different spices, one with traditional(not spicy) and the other with Jerk spices.
Jane is a very good cook
    While she did this we visited  and had fun playing in the back yard. Jane loves cooking ! She watches our granddaughter all week so when Ken gets home from work after 13 hours (commuting from Hamilton to Toronto) he spends time with her, at night and and on the weekends, because he can and wants to. Gives Jane a break as well.
she has a tent under the trees
and fun on her swing with Daddy
love her smiles and non stop talking
    Dinner is served and was an excellent meal. 2 different flavours of pork tenderloin both tasty.
tasty salad and corn with cream cheese, cilantro
and lime
with company how to you get a 3 year old to quietly eat dinner?
watch the cartoons, tv dinner.
what a tasty meal we all enjoyed
LR: Ken Jane Suzie
ok got me in a picture as well
time for desert, how about ice cream cones?
 rare treat for us
after supper pouring rain again
       Then she wanted me to take her picture with my hat on.
a cute cowgirl 
     Then she wanted to take pictures with my camera and think she did really well for a 3 year old. Mind you she has Daddy's old i-phone to watch cartoons on, takes pictures and can even FaceTime Daddy at work ! Wow a 3 year old!!
hey thats me!
Gramma Suzie
and Daddy
       We tried a selfie with my camera really hard to do, This is the best one we could get below. Finally gave up.
heading to bed Night Night Gamma and Grandad
          Finally getting tired almost 11 pm we crashed in their spare room and had a wonderful sleep. Up bright and early as usual at 5:30 this morning the coffee was set on a timer perfect. What a way to begin the day. It was rather chilly outside now after our heat wave. So I worked on my photos and email from the last 2 days, as everyone woke up and joined us we just carried on with more conversations. Our Grand daughter got up and wanted to take some more picture with my camera, so away she went getting pics of us all and really does an amazing job.
me with my coffee
Daddy enjoying his too
       Then I got to take a few pics as well.
she wants to go swimming and her impression of a Shark
swimsuit on and ready to go outside
    So out the back yard not much sun yet and colder, she has her swimsuit on and a winter coat? Oh to be that young again!
    When we sold the house back in 2006 and purged Ken got all my took boxes with wrenches etc, because he likes to work on cars and has 3 motorcycles. In one of the tool boxes he found this small license plate below. Back in 1956 I had lived in Scarborough Ontario and you needed a licence plate for your bicycle and this was mine. Wow that was a long time ago I was 7 years old and needed a licence plate to ride my bicycle.  No helmets, insurance etc back then but a licence plate. Too cool and more memories .
my licence plate
     Now here we are in the yard she took off her winter coat and wanted to go swimming, but heck  was too cold so she did not go in.
           So back in the house chat some more and she took more pictures, gotta keep a 3 year old busy!
picture of Daddy her number one person for comfort
good for him, father's and daughters are special
I know have 2 daughters
         Shortly after 10 am we finally left them to get back to their Sunday routine, after an amazing fun visit we had. It has been quite a few years since it was just US.
        Now while we are here in the area we have good friends John and Wendy we have camped with off and on starting about 20 years ago just down the street. So we arranged to stop by for a short  visit just because we were so close and they were available. Always nice to see these guys again, catch up a bit and many memories to rehash. We arrived and their puppies were all over us, wow what a welcome!
As soon as Suzie sat down doggie kisses were needed
oh my
    We chatted for a while nonstop for over an hour, but they had a busy day ahead, glad they made time for us to visit. Hopefully we will see them at Rock Glen Resort in August and again this fall in Niagara Falls New York when we head south for the winter again.
John and his puppy
always fun people
         We left there about noon making our way and wanted to stop for bite to eat. I wanted a fish sandwich, they recommended A&W for their Cod fish, Ok has bee many years sine A&W,so we stopped on by, I really enjoyed this Cod Fish, that were actually fillets not fish fingers, very very tasty and filling, Suzie wanted a Teen Burger, because she is still a teen, and of course had to have an A&W root beer, the best ever !
the fish was excellent I would go there again just for that
we shared some fries too
    Once we left there texted Daughter # 2 we had a bag of clothing from Jane and are driving right by here house, so stopped by to  drop this off and enjoy a short visit with them, as usual they always busy around the property and with the kids.
daughter #2 and grand daughter # 2
         She showed us around, a new deck that they were gifted and just had to take it away and install outside their patio doors. looks nice and apparently more to come. Gotta love deals like this!
2 lovely ladies in our lives
how is this for an rv on wheels?
perfect in the desert.
maybe not for the 6 of them though
and Grandson # 4 is working in the yard
feeding their Guinea pigs outside in their 2 story condo
always smiling at Grandad
getting ready to leave she gave us some
 fresh green onions picked right from her garden
really nothing quite like fresh veggies right from the garden
         Finally home by 3 pm to put our feet up and relax after a very busy weekend with family and friends. Much cooler now and less humidity only 79 F  and a cool east wind on our patio We relaxed for a while I sorted  my photos and began this posting. We enjoyed a nice quiet Happy hour and for supper tonight decided on a simple BLT , after our  tasty filling lunch at A&W.
here we are back at camp awesome
        We have a package of bacon used to be a pound 454 grams, now only 340 grams same price same package just less  product. So I cooked it all up on our weber Q no mess inside and no dishes. perfect and of course some leftover for the freezer and another meal.
quick and easy on our Weber  Q, no dishes
a very tasty supper, a pickle, some asparagus
 I pickled and a fresh green onion
really all we needed
     That was for our last 2 days so much family fun, and visiting friends and also some very tasty meals as well.
      This weather has really cooled down, almost feels cold compared to the high temps and humidity we have been having. 
       Maybe catch a Sunset later on tonight and if I do you will, see it tomorrow.
       Thanks again for joining us and hope you are enjoying some of this cooler weather as well. Almost too cold for me.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Your son is the spitting image of you!! Glad you had a nice visit with everyone.

    1. Thanks Janet as the kids get older we do look more alike. We sure had a wonderful time with them.

  2. A bathing suit and a jacket. How cute is that? Beautiful families.

    1. Thanks Elva gotta love what these young kids do always amazes me. Yup Bathing suit and a winter coat perfect!

  3. Great times with family. The weather sure changed but today was a perfect weather day.
    Nice to see the grandchildren having such fun. :)

    1. yes the weather sure did change, and we always enjoy the fun times with our grands and we have so much fun watching them too.

  4. Wow your 3 year old granddaughter is a budding photographer ... great pictures!

    1. She sure did take some excellent pictures, and was non stop activities too.

  5. What a fun and full two days. Your granddaughter is a blast and your soon looks just like you. You need to do this visit more often.

    1. It sure was a fun two days, and yes she is a real going concern, Wwe try for more visits by everyone one is so busy, hard to co-ordinate.

  6. You have a lovely family! This is my favorite post to date.

  7. What a great weekend. Your son looks just like you George. And the granddaughters are just to cute. So is your grandson and nice that he is working on the yard. Glad it cooled down there it sure would be nice to have it cool down here, maybe October.

    1. Yes JO it was an excellent weekend, they are all so cute nice to see them growing and doing so well. He does well working around the yard riding lawnmower weed eater, whatever needs to be done.. It has cooled down only 55f at 6am today.

  8. Oh George what a wonderful post! What a great family you have! Great pics taken by a 3 year old..she is just too adorable! Your son looks just like you...that same smile! :) I need more info on that "RV on wheels" looks like it is really old, there's got to be a story there! Beautiful gardens at both houses! Your daughter looks like she enjoys the country life! Granddaughter #3 is certainly growing up too. Nice that she gets the hand me downs from #2. A teen burger, haven't thought about them in a long time, and your fish sandwich looked delicious! Great post! Thanks for sharing your family with us!!

    1. Thanks guys it was a fun busy weekend, 3 years old and a real going concern. I thought my son looked familiar, lol...
      # 2 really does love the country life.
      The fish was very good thanks. The RV on wheels is a older log cabin/ shed that they moved here from another farm property, not sure what they will be doing with it though, just thought it looked kinda cool. Too wide for the road though.

  9. What! Not one but two pictures of you hatless. Will wonders never cease? :cD

    1. LOL sometimes I do take if off, not often as you know, hardly ever outisde

  10. GD #@ looks she has her dad's red hair ... she's another cutie. Not only did she catch you without dyour hat, but also without the signature vest! The veggie garden looks amazing!

    1. Yes she does and it is amazing to watch them grow.I even take my vest off sometimes as well , nit often though .
      The gardens are very nice glad that they can do them.

  11. Do I detect a slight resemblance?

  12. Such a fun time with family. You just can't beat it.


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