Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 12, 2019

A deal on new tires. lawn mowing and a great day

Where are we today ?
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     Much cooler overnight and again to day temps only about 70 F and overcast pretty well any day. Got a phone call yesterday that the tires I ordered for the car are in so shortly after 8nam I headed to the Canadian Tire in Stratford to pick them up really good deal on sale, only $55.00 each the same tires I have always bought for the car. I only needed 2 this year will replace the other 2 next year maybe. We still use our Canadian Tire Points for the car tires and other items there. I usually replace 2 tires every 3 years and have never once had to pay for them in the last 13 years.
      I dropped the tires off at Suzie's brothers for a bit of a visit we will have them installed before we head south this fall. Picked up our mail and home for lunch shortly after 10:30 am.
     I sat down and checked my emails and got a video from a good friend Jim Mohl in Alberta. Jim, I love it ! says it all about our lifestyle and getting older. If you can and this video works for you it sure says it all.  Like a Patsy Cline tune with the words this lady sings really suits our lifestyle "We Fall to pieces" check it out it is a hoot.
        That taken are of I hopped on the mower for 90 minutes to get some of the yard mowed while it was much cooler. All around the house, front yard, play yard and pool area. Possibly tomorrow I with finish the rest of the 5 acres about 2 hours and will all be done once again.
      That was done we relaxed outside for a bit and decided the perfect day to finish polishing and waxing the top part of our coach while it was cooler and overcast, and can now return John's ladder, A bit more than 30 minutes and that was taken care of. Just in time for Happy Hour with my honey.
the lawn looks so nice when freshly mowed
the coach is looking better every day
       For supper tonight we decided to make a couple of Pork Schnitzel on a bun. For that recipe you can click HERE or my newly formatted recipe blog with a search bar, top right sidebar.
love this seasoning make our own Salsa
just mix with diced tomatoes
I start with a couple of boneless pork chops 
pound them down to very thin
breaded and spiced like the recipe says
mushrooms and onions sautéed
  • quick and easy fry add the toppings cheese and salsa
on to a fresh kaiser bun
that was our very filling and tasty meal tonight
        Now to relax outside in the shade on a very warm quiet evening , finish this posting and enjoy  some more reading, . just because we can.
last nights sunset was wonderful once again
        We enjoyed this day getting things done and hope you did as well.
         Glad that y'all dropped on by for a peek.
         Maybe another sunset later tonight.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Fish fail!!! I’ll try the pork instead. Lol

    1. How did the fish fail? The pork is a bit more work than that! Good luck whatever you do.

  2. Love the song!!! It about sums things up doesn’t it??
    Love that beautiful green lawn!!!! Gorgeous sunset..,love the way the trees look with the sunset behind it!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the song , it does pretty well sum it up.Thanks for joining us here at Camp Awesome.

  3. Your days always sound so free and easy.

  4. I absolutely LOVED that song and the lady singing it...a good start to my day!

    You certainly get a LOT done on a daily basis, wish I had your energy. Getting tires for free is definitively something to be happy about.

    That is a very nice sunset picture.

    1. Thanks M.s B enjoying this wonderful weather.
      Glad you enjoyed the song think hit the nail on the head .
      I like to do a little every day so I can pace myself, making the most if these daylight hours outside .
      We do like our free tires, I make good use if these points we collect.

  5. That's a super deal on the tires. Too bad you can't get a deal like that on MH tires.

    1. It is a great deal but Canadian Tire does not seem MH tires. They do sell a roof other stuff though that I can use my points for.

  6. After a week camping ‘old school’ with no service I’m catching up. Lawn, sunset and dinner all look great. You’ve had a good day

  7. You can't beat free on those tires. Good idea to use the old ones until you head out in October. How neat of Jim to share that. So very very true.

    1. We do make use of our points for free tires. The video sure was wonderful and hit the nail on the head. I thought.

  8. The video was really great. Thanks for sharing it! The schnitzel looks great. There is just something about a newly mowed lawn that makes me happy. We were out last night and noticed one neighbor hood in town must have gotten together on when to mow - everything was so pretty and manicured as if they had all mowed that day. It was beautiful!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video, Schnitzel excellent it;'s been a while.
      We too love a fresh mowed lawn.


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