Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 05, 2019

Another very hot day, got the lawn mowed before it got too hot and keeping cool in the pool.

Where are we today ?
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         A very good sleep last night we did not have to turn on our air-conditioner after all, about 8 pm last night were are having nice breeze so opened the windows in our coach wide and got a wonderful  cross breeze that cooled it down very nicely and by 9 pm when we went inside a comfortable 74 F as it was most of the night and a refreshing breeze right across our bed.
       I got a nice walk about town for a couple of miles, chatted with a few friends out and about before it gets too hot, Then back home I want to get the last 3 plus acres acres mowed here before it gets to hot as well, Started at 9:15 for an hour  hour stopped for a bite to eat then finished off the rest of the yard by noon! Perfect.
looking good
all done for a a few more days
our coach is way back there middle white spot
       Lawn all done and was pretty hot so we just had to head for the pool to cool down just because we can.
        Then I made quick trip to New Hamburg for a few things and back here still pretty hot so more soaking in the pool, bring our body temps back down to normaL AGAIN.
this is the temp under our awning with the sun on it
too hot here, so we moved over under the trees,
A bit cooler not much though
at least a breeze
pretty comfy here under the trees wth a light breeze
at least we have different views
and cooler here
          While were over here I fired up our Generator and both air conditioners ,inside the coach was 97F so need to cool it down a bit, about 90 minutes later was a comfy 74 F inside and the outside temps have dropped, so Suzie is comfy once again. I can handle the heat no problem but not is much Suzie.
nice over here under the trees
away from the generator noise too
yep we are having some hot weather
I love, not so much Suzie though
now just after 3 pm I went back in the pool
water temp 80 F , perfect
3 times today
      We enjoyed a quiet Happy hour then as it cooled down under our awning , made up a salad preheat our Weber Q and grilled a couple of Turkey Garlic sausage for supper.
then about 5 pm the rain started we had a down pour.
for a about 15 minutes
glad we had our awning out enjoying this warm rain
at least we got a nice bucket of rain water
and another bucket later
Turkey Garlic sausage we love
sure did the trick tonight
     Last night about sunset I made short drive down the road checking for a sunset and did manage to catch another one, Each one is a bit different I will maybe see what I can get tonight later on.
lats nights sunset
     This was about the last day of this heatwave should be cooling down once again or a while. Personally I will miss this heat that I love, not so much Suzie and other people though. Hope y'all enjoyed your day, keep cool and thanks again for dropping on by.
     As I  am wrapping this up at 7:30 pm we are having another major downpour, not in the forecast but is cooling things down again. Now 74 F no sunset views tonight, and now our power has gone out, for us not a big deal, we have our fridge on propane anyway and turn on the inverter to watch the tv a bit later.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Yikes! I’d be in the pool all day!! Then rain? Such weird weather. Enjoy!! Lol

    1. Yes the weather is strange but still hot even after the rain and overnight 72F.
      We sure are enjoying this weather.

  2. The rain is nice for cooling things down for a bit. They said we have a 20% chance which means nothing will happen. You so lucky to have use of the pool.

    1. It did cool down a but but still pretty warm, a nice warm rain is wonderful.
      We enjoy the pool.

  3. I am a bit confused, the power went out but everything is on propane and you have an inverter. Were you using electricity instead of gasoline for your generator?

    At least you were able to move your RV before the rain so you would not leave rut marks. Nice that the rain was able to lower the temperatures and allow you to have a very pleasant sleep like the night before.


    1. Our fridge runs on propane, the generator on gas just to run our air conditioners, The solar panels charge our batteries, that power the inverter to watch TV and charge our computers etc.
      We did not move the RV it is parked on a gravel parking area that was made to park 2 school busses. It did cool down nicely but still 72F overnight.

    2. Thank you for the reply. I think my eyes most be playing tricks on me as I see it parked at a different spot and I see no gravel :(

    3. That was just from a different angle and the gravels has been there 15 years so some weed are growing through it but is good and solid.

  4. It was a hot one, we had shade and a breeze until around 2 and then moved indoors to the a/c. No pool to cool off in. You are lucky.
    Nice night for sleeping with just windows so didn't need our air after all.

    1. Oops for me too! No rain here at all. We could use it, it has been almost a week.

    2. LOL, oops happens,,
      It was hot and we are so lucky to enjoy the pool here. No a/c without the generator but was nice for sleeping. We3 had a good dumping of rain just to make the grass grow even more.

  5. Very nice to have that pool. I'm like Suzie, don't do too well when it gets really hot, but I do love the mid 80's, as long as I have some shade, and of course I do have a cool house to retreat to in the hottest part of the afternoon. We have been lucky here in Oregon so far, mid 80' most of the time, sunny days, and cool nights and no humidity. And so far no fires. Ah well, we all know that won't last much longer...

    1. We really lucky to be able to enjoy this awesome place here in the hot weather, and yes it will soon be cooling down again.

  6. Definitely too hot under that awing. Nice under the trees. Fortunately you are equipped to handle the changing conditions and of course you have the pool. Life is good.

    1. It is too hot under the awning but the trees are perfect.
      Yes live is good.

  7. Nice sunset. Glad you got a bit of your favourite hot weather!

    1. Thanks Stew we are enjoying this wonderful hot weather.


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