Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, July 25, 2019

More wonderful weather, Fantastic fan, The Falls, and dart night.

Where are we today ? 
Rock Glen Family Resort
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    Another good night sleep and up at 5:30 ready for another wonderful day. Got some coffees and computing taken care of and headed out at 7 am for a nice walkabout the campground and decided to go and check out Rock Glen Falls across the road, It was such a beautiful day. Got 2 miles in.
right across the road is the Conservation area
and Rock Glen Falls
just before the falls
It was such a perfect morning I went down
 the long stair case to view the falls up close
much quieter now compared
 to the spring floods here
love the pool at the bottom of the falls
this be the nice staircase they built a few years ago
      Back home  by 8 am and with all this energy I decided a perfect day to climb on the roof, remove the 3 vent covers and give them a good cleaning. I like to do once a year at least.
nice view of the Valley from the roof
Covers removed and sent down to Suzie
        Next was to remove the fan blade from the Fantastic Fan.
amazing how dirty this gets in one year
remove those 4 screws and turn the fan over
3/32  t handle hex wrench does the trick
insert there loosen  screw and remove the fan blade
     While up here I spent quite a while cleaning these vents and the roof around it. Making everything sparkle again.
yup its dirty. easy to clean in the kitchen sink now
3 minutes later looks like new again
scrubbed those covers , look so much better
       By now it was 10:30 time to stop for a light lunch. Then I made a quick trip to Forest for a few groceries we needed. The drive was relaxing, this was my break. Then back home up on the roof again. Install fan blade and all 3 covers.
       Suzie handed the clean covers back up to me (we use a strap with a hook to raise and lower them). As I installed them Suzie inside to open and close the vents to make sure no obstructions.
the covers installed much cleaner now
        Supper tonight a couple of Hayters Turkey Burgers with Onion and Parsley, we really love these. Made no far from here at Hayter's Turkey farm.
a couple of these burgers for supper tonight
         At 3 pm out Happy hour, Gerry, Melinda and Tucker dropped by to join us then Joe and Nellie and even Mike stopped by so the conversation just flowed and lotsa laughs we had. Nice that they did.  About 5 pm they all headed home to whip up suppers as is did, Just a couple of Turkey burgers on our Weber Q. quick and easy.
Tucker on his chair getting treat from Suzie
Gerry and Melinda
Joe coming back from the pool
Nellie right behind him
Mike joined us for a bit as well
quick and easy Turkey Burgers
that we love
this sure did the trick tonight before darts
      Then at 6:30 we headed down to play Darts so no more posting tonight. Maybe we win, maybe not , but we will have fun.
        These pictures I took later last night after I posted.
love seeing all the kids here having so much fun.
then  bunch of them go on the
wagon ride around the park
        Then we noticed this neighbour heading out with his Powered Paraglider what a cool rig it is. Not sure where he went to fly but not far, a bit later we saw and heard him flying over the campground.
he straps the big motor to his back
and there he is looks like fun
the view would be awesome
but really not for me.
    That was our fun productive day and another perfect summer day. Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed yours as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Nice looking waterfall. I could have fun with that! Nice to have lots of friends around you.

    1. It is a wonderful waterfall right across the road from us., sure is fun in the hit weather . We do know a lot of people here and always fun to connect with them.

  2. Water fall is so calm right now I remember why it was flooding there. Busy day cleaning up it all looks so nice and clean now

    1. The falls are so peaceful now compared to the flooding.. It was nice too get that cleaning done finally.

  3. Enjoying another day at the park. The weather is perfect.

    1. Getting things done and more perfect weather, gotta love it !

  4. That's a great waterfall, thanks for taking the time to visit for us. Cleaning the fans and vent covers is not fun, ours really need it. But not sure I trust my balance enough to climb up there :)

    1. Your welcome the falls are a nice bonus being rich across the street. On the roof is not my favorite place to go but it did need to get done. If not sure maybe not do it.

  5. No wonder your rig looks like new!!! What a difference in the water level from the last pictures you posted. It's beautiful! I'd be running those steps every day trying to keep in shape!!!

    1. Thanks I try to keep on top of things to keep it looking good. The falls are much nicer now.
      No running those steps for me, my knees do not much like them very much.

  6. Funny, Ken and I looked at your dirty fan and we both said it didn't look bad to us, until we saw the next picture of the blades being clear! LOL. Great job George! The falls are sure different than those earlier pictures this year! Great Happy Hour for sure! darts to round out a great day!!

    1. Thanks, the fan and the covers sure do get pretty dirty makes a nice difference too. The falls are so nice now. much better than the flooding earlier this year. Happy hour was fun and darts lotsa fun as well.

  7. Appreciate the photo by photo explanation of how you take the fan apart. I will pass this onto Colin.

    1. It sure makes cleaning these fans much easier, hope he enjoys it.


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