Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, July 01, 2019

A nice quiet Canada Day until later on (Party Time), with some company, and a doggie fix for Suzie.

Where are we today ? 
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        Well here it is Canada Day holiday Canada is now 152 years old! And what an awesome day it will be. Starting with a very warm sunny morning and a 2 mile walkabout around town at 7:30 this morning. A wonderful way to begin another hot summer day.
so peaceful here
      We puttered around for a bit then our first visitor today dropped by at 9:30am to pick up 6 genealogy books she had ordered from Suzie. A very nice visit with her for a while then we enjoyed a light tasty lunch.
      After lunch I took a walk down River road by the river, so  peaceful looking at this lazy river just down from us.
love the reflections looking north
     Then I looked south and noticed a fisherman out there casting his line.
barely noticed him there
His chest waders on casting out
I watched him for a bit but did
not see any bites
     He was out there about 4 hours I know his truck was parked across the road from us.
     I then took a drive about town just after noon, pretty quiet The activities in the park Pavilion begin at 5 pm for the Canada Day Celebrations.
the bands will be in the Pavillion
nice and peaceful in the park right now, nice playgrounds for the kids
        Then was time for a refreshing swim in the pool, temps in the mid 80's F and sunny, this was wonderful.
        A bit later Lea dropped by for a visit with her dog Shelby, to chat for a while and catch up on each other's lives. She used to organize the Canada Day parties here, pig roast and band years ago before she moved away. You can see a link to one here on my previous posting from 2012.
Shelby is a going concern
beautiful dog
A rub from Suzie and she got a doggie fix once again
more rubs and a kiss
       Now we enjoyed a quiet Happy hour then shortly after 5 pm we are heading up the Plattsville Park and Pavilion to check out the activities, bands and whatever else is going on and of course the fireworks later on at dusk. These small town activities are always a fun time back in the 80's and 90's I used to help run dances at the town hall and help out with a Fun Day and cruise in the park one year over 400 cars and activities etc... in the pavilion and the park with the Optimist club. Nice now to take it easy and let other younger people take care of it. Enjoy and support their hard work for the community.
       This poster below I posted yesterday and this is where we are going. Just a few blocks away.

       So this is today's posting with a couple of sunset photos I took last night.
          The rest of today and tonight will be included in tomorrows posting. After the Canada Day party in the park
          Thank you for stopping in and hope you had a wonderful safe Canada Day for all our Canadian friends. And anyone alas enjoying this summer weather.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. A great Canada day for you! About the time the parade started in Jasper The stormfront hit with winds pushing the rain nearly horizontal! We did enjoy most of the parade, but hopped on the scooter once we could to take shelter back at the RV.

    1. It was a very decent day here, no parade but the park was busy, and The food truck sold out in less than an hour so we went home to eat. No rain so far the fireworks should be good though.

  2. Shelby is a beautiful German Sheppard.
    It is time for the younger folks to help out for a change.
    Have a Safe and Enjoyable Canada Day Celebration.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes she sure is a beautiful dog.
      I agree the younger people can di this now we did our share for years.
      It was a wonderful celebration and the fireworks very nice too.

  3. Happy Canada Day to you and all your Canadian followers.

  4. Again Happy Canada Day, sounds like quite a gathering. Shelby is one beautiful dog.

    1. Thanks JO should be a good time. she sure is a nice looking dog.

  5. Sounds like a fun day, except for the food truck selling out. Good for them though! Gorgeous shepherd!!

    1. Sold out in less than and hour they were supposed to be there for 5 hours, and they were painfully slow, with such a simple menu.
      Shelby Is a beautiful dog

  6. Shelby is a beautiful dog! Love the fire station, so clean and fresh looking. Sounds like they needed more food trucks there at the park. Maybe have the firemen bar b q, then the proceeds would go to something good :) Love the pics of the river with the fisherman! Sounds like a great Canada Day!

    1. She sure is a very nice dog. The fire station is only a few years old and they have newer trucks as well. There was another BBQ ford up later, The proceeds going too next years fireworks. swell as beer sold for that as well. We do enjoy the river right here and people fishing all the time.
      It was a great Canada day thanks..


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