Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Woodstock Farmer's Market, and more wonderful summer weather.

Where are we today ?
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       Into the mid 50's overnight perfect for sleeping. I got a very nice quiet walkabout town so peaceful just hearing the birds, no traffic and no people, first 2 miles to get me started for the day.
        Back home to putter around bit more another coffee consumed then Suzie and I headed into Woodstock (the Dairy Capital of Canada) a nice scenic country drive about 25 minutes not much traffic at all . To the Woodstock Famers market.
Woodstock claims to be the Dairy Capital of Canada
        We arrived at the Farmer's market in Woodstock and is quite nice, not large but local vendors selling their produce in season, fresh egs, meat counters, cheese, seafood, baked goods lots of variety and good food. We do enjoy these smaller market is the areas
fresh local berries we love
not too busy as usual the way we like it
got some excellent strawberries here
this is a quiet area to relax with tables and chairs
       A few meat vendors here that are very busy. Excellent looking fresh meats.
love these smoked pork chops, huge,
 good prices but just bought one to share
excellent cheese too 
Even a couple of buskers playing some good tunes
      We checked to see if our good friends Mike and Trish were home for a visit . But they were out and about maybe another time. So we were back home by 11 am for a light lunch.
nothing quite like fresh local Ontario Strawberries,
so very sweet and juicy
a huge smoked pork chop and
 some Turkey Garlic sausage to try
      Lunch all done so I hopped on the mower to finish mowing the last few acres here I do enjoy this time to ride around enjoying the fresh air and country setting. only  1 hour 45 minutes this time I put it on full throtttle and got it done. Always looks and smells so nice when it is freshly mowed.
         I was done mowing the lawn by 1:15 and was really ready for a nice refreshing dip in the pool, grabbed Suzie and away we went. Oh my, that feels so much better now. Temps with humidity feels like 97 F.
yup this was perfect 
      Now we can enjoy our e-readers in the shade. Then as predicted we had rain at 2 :15 and it came down real heavy for about 15 minutes, then stopped and the sun came back out. Still very warm but nice to sit under our awning listening to and watching the warm summer rain.
love the views here of the fresh mowed lawn
the  rain began
and more it rained
not long our pails are full of rain water
   While I  was mowing the back few acres here  on the  edge a bush attached me did some  damage to my thin skin that I have, I have had worse and will survive, but this is just another thing  about getting older.
      After a cooling swim in the pool was soon time for Happy Hour. A nice snack today celery with peanut butter on one and cheese whiz on another.
a nice light snack
       Soon was time to whip us supper, Tonight we going to grill a couple of the Turkey Garlic Sausage we bought today to go with our usual  tasty salads.
very tasty Turkey Garlic sausage
added to our salad sure did the trick tonight
      Now that was done we sure did enjoy a very nice summer evening again a after a tasty supper.
      Want to thank you again for stopping on by and hope you enjoyed this womdeul summer weather as well.
last night sunset was another good one
     Maybe later I will see if I can get another sunset tonight .
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. That market looks amazing. You got some good stuff!!

    1. It is a nice small market but we did get some good stuff and are enjoying it too.

  2. The lawn does look great! Nice to see it so well manicured. The Farmer's Market sure looks like a place we'd like to spend some time. ButI do have to question CheeseWiz? I'm sure my favorite camping chef has other ideas :)

    1. Thanks Jeff I do enjoy mowing the lawn here and making it look good.
      This is Canadian Cheese wiz much different than the American same name, still a processed product but is completely a different product. We take some across to Buffalo NY for our American friends there in the fall.

  3. Another nice Farmers Market day, everything always looks so good. Nice job once again on the lawn.

    1. Thanks JO it was a nice market day lots of good food.

  4. There seem to have been brief showers all around yesterday. Great Market day and that well how big were the thorns and had you done to it lol

    1. It was a good market day we enjoyed and the rains were nice as well. I did not hurt the thorns at all just jumped right out at me.

  5. What a great day starting with the walk and then Farmer's Market. Really wish we had one close to us! Those strawberries look awesome! You got that mowing done in time and then to the pool. Wow that rain! That's quite a little gash on your arm! Bad bush! LOL..Dinner looks really yummy!

    1. It was a wonderful day all the way around. We have 3 markets within a 30 minute drive we do enjoy checking then out It was a bad bush but did stop bleeding at least. Dinner was very tasty thanks.

  6. Your farm markets always have such good looking stuff.

    1. All the farm land around here makes for some very nice markets.

  7. Sorry about your owie. Hope it heals fast. A variety of activities in one day but overall relaxing.

    1. These things happen all the time to me and it is healed already. And yes a busy but relaxing day for sure.

  8. Well I never thought I'd see a picture of Springbank Snow Countess in your blog. I grew up in Woodstock, so this brought back happy memories.

    1. She was there and we had to stop for a red light, did manage to cath a picture of here, Glad you enjoyed it and the Happy memories as well.


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