Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Fun at Rock Glen Resort, and a scavenger hunt for kids.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Family Resort
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       Very mild overnight 68F at 6am today and gonna be another wonderful hot day.  And a Busy weekend here. Got a couple of miles walked around the campground, lots campers here this weekend and lotsa kids having fun, With a  Scavenger Hunt going.
Roxy the resorts mascot making the rounds
every body loves Roxy
So busy and everyone searching for clues
 we just watched everyone having fun
and helped out a few people looking fir clues
the cabins very busy
Rose Anne is staying in the one on the left
with her daughter and 2 grands
      We have known Rose Anne for quite a few years, last saw her and George in Quartzite last January and stayed at their property in Lake Havasu a couple of years ago. George is still there to take care of some medical issues
Rose anne came by to visit, nice to see her again
the orchard is pretty full of campers
Cabins parking lots pretty full too
     Lots of kids around these 2 pics below are people working for the scavenger hunt taking lots photos and all having a wonderful time so nice to see the family time.
     I took a quick trip to the Foodland in Forest to pick up a 4 lb package of these Cowboy Steaks, have never tried them but 1/2 price and 8 in a package, Now we don't eat much beef but Gerry and Melinda agreed to share the package with us . so only 10 bucks each . $2;50 a steak, we having company next week and maybe we can cook a meal for them.
these look interesting and
 a good enough price to give them a try
     Now a relaxing afternoon enjoying our e-readers after the visit with Rose Anne. then shortly after 3 pm Happy hour evolved. Gerry came by with Tucker then another neighbour Glen joined us, (have not seen him for a while), Tucker was right up on his chair looking for hugs, rubs, kisses and treat from Suzie.
She got her doggie fixes with Tucker
sure enjoy do having Tucker around
Tucker gets his treats
then right on Gerry's lap again
Nice that Glen came by to join us
     A bit later Paul and Judy joined us for a while as well. Amazing how the conversation flows and all the stories and so many laughs. Nothing like good conversation and lots of laughs, to make for a perfect afternoon.
always something to talk about
that we can find
   A bit latter Gerry's Granddaughter came by and of course he was smiles having so much fun with her.
always love her smile and watching her grow
Melinda almost done work and stopped by to  say hi.
        For supper tonight I wanted to make room in our freezer for the steaks we bought today, So thawed out some Pork Baby Back ribs that were in the freezer we bought on sale a while ago, and do them on our Weber Q first in foil with sauerkraut then glazed on the grill mat with a tasty BBQ sauce. For that recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar look for Pork Ribs on the Q.
a very Nice Bourbon BBQ sauce we found
all done and glazed on the grill mat
so tasty and fall off the bone
    I added this to our salad and enjoyed every bite, 3 ribs each just enough .
    We enjoyed this nice hot summer day outside with a nice cool breeze,(mid 80's but comfortable) fun Happy hours and friends visiting. Does not get much better than this in our minds.
Thanks for stopping in and hope y'all enjoyed your day as well.
a nice sunset I got right from our sight last night through the trees
Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? click this link to book a tour 
 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Looks like you were having fun with everyone visiting.
    That was a Good Price for those Steaks. Now to see how they cook up.
    Send some of that cooler weather our way, LOL.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are enjoying it here and fun with our friends dropping by. The deal on the steaks seemed pretty good will give then a try in week or so. Loving the hot weather and some nice cool breezes.

  2. Bizzy place there today and a nice happy hour with friends.

  3. I can sure see kids having fun at the scavenger hunt! Nice the park puts on things like that on the weekends. Yes it sure is busy, but nice to see families out enjoying! You are a popular place for Happy Hour :) We don't eat a lot of beef either but cowboy steaks sound interesting. Gerry's grandaughter is so cute and sure growing up! Gotta love the little ones! Dinner looks yummy and a nice sunset too!

    1. They all have been having a wonderful time, always lots of activities here year round especially the summer. Our campsite is large and pretty central, plus people know everyone is welcome every day 3 pm. We can sit outside and share stories. Thought we would give these steaks a try especially for 1/2 price. . The ribs wonderful as usual.

  4. The campground looks like a very busy place.

    1. It is busy, people having fun and not rowdy, very relaxing for us though.

  5. That campground certainly does keep busy. I've never been to one that held so many activities!! I'm cooking ribs today. Wish me luck!!

    1. Always lots going on here if you want to be busy, Ok good luck with the ribs and enjoy them.

  6. Another fun weekend at the park and the weather looked to be about perfect. I can't get over how early your happy hours start - no matter where you are. Both here and in Mexico the ones we have ( not just mine ) never start before 4PM and usually 4:30PM.

    1. It was a busy weekend and next weekend even more. We do our Happy hours early usually done by 4:30 - 5 then we make dinner . In the winter the desert cools down by 4:30 . This works for us..


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