Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Cooler again but sunny, and a great summer day.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Family Resort
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      More decent weather bright and sunny  comfortable 74F today up early as usual and out the door for my first walkabout shortly after 7 am. enjoying the warm sunshine and peacefulness of the campground. Suzie got home from Euchre last night about 9:30 , she enjoyed the evening and socializing, cost her 2 dollars to play and ended up winning a dollar, so it was a very good night.
love the fountains in the 2 ponds here
keeps the water fresher
        Just puttered around for a while got a few miles in around the campgrounds , chatted with a few people here and there. Said so long to our friends Rob and Pat as they were packing up to head back home to Durham . We will see them later this summer. Also stopped by to visit the friendly smiling Kristi in the office, make a minor change in our next reservation, she is always so helpful.
        Back home for a tasty light lunch, then I  set to work to re-attach the headliner in the car that is coming loose again. I have the proper adhesive that I used a couple of years ago, but is starting to come loose again. Pretty easy fix, just mask off the windshield and dash spray  a couple of coats on, let it dry and push it back up. A strong contact spray cement.
      Now relax in the shade and do a bit more reading, then another walkabout or 2 nothing much on the agenda today and that is just fine. I do have a few things to to care of but did have some  free time here to do that.
our site beside the large cabin.
a few campers down in the valley in front of us.
     Another walkabout down by the outdoor pool pretty quiet today just a few people enjoying it . Only in the mid 70's F so not a pool day for us. Nice to see it is being used.
they are having fun in the pool
a nice shuffle board court here have not played for a while
we do love our site here though , no neighbors
      Quiet Happy hour today just the 2 of us enjoying our e-readers discussing a few things that we might want to do, When we have the time to exchange  our thoughts.
       Soon  was time to whip up supper, we could not  decide, so tonight a threat for us, boneless breaded chicken breasts with ham and cheese. A premade item I picked up a while ago. Supposed to cook in the oven but I can do that on our Weber Q outside. Just put on my trivet with foil preheat the Weber Q and cook until internal temp is 165F.  35 minutes in the oven 45 minutes in our Weber Q, These turned out perfect to go with our tasty salad tonight.
not long and worked out nicely
oh so tasty
did the trick
very tasty and tender
       After supper we enjoyed a very nice warm evening outside, finish this posting and enjoyed this quiet time reading some more of our page turners.
       Thanks again for dropping on by and hope y'all enjoyed a cooler summer day as much as we did.
       Last night while Suzie was playing cards I thought I would take a drive down the road and see if I could catch a sunset. It is a couple of miles to where I could see one and was quite pleases to see it setting behind a couple of the hundreds of wind turbines in the area
another interesting sunset last night between the wind turbines
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Those stuffed chicken breasts look so delish.
    My daughter noticed my headliner is coming loose in at the back I have to figure out how to fix that before it gets worse. Sunset pictures are beautiful

    1. Thanks JO.
      They were very tasty a nice treat and an easy meal, Picked them up on sale last week $2.88 for the 2. The headliner adhesive I picked up at NAPA auto parts.

    2. Thx I'll check out NAPA

  2. I'm sure Suzi would have had fun at the Euchre tables even without winning. The sunset was worth the drive, I didn't realize there was enough wind there to support that wind farm.

    1. Yes it is a fun game and I enjoy it as well, but usually too noisy for me in that rec hall. Such a low area, farm land and very close to the eastern shore of Lake Huron.
      I enjoyed the sunset as well was surprised , this first time I have done that drive at sunset.

  3. Oh boy that chicken looks yummy. A beautiful sunset is worth the trip every time.

    1. It is very tasty and almost all the sunsets are wonderful. just have to be able to find one.

  4. I just love that park you stay at, and your site! That's the one I would pick for sure! Chicken looks yummy! Sunset is gorgeous, never tire of looking at that!

    1. We really enjoy it here and really do like this site. The chicken quite tasty stuffed with the ham and 2 cheeses. Always love sunsets wherever we can find them.

  5. You caught a great sunset!!!
    I don’t think there is much you can’t do with your Weber Q!!! That first picture of the fountain is beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you it sure was a treat to see the sun setting between the turbines.
      You can cook pretty much anything on a WeberQ . Except spaghetti, unless it is precooked and reheating.

  6. Your readers thank you for going out of your way to get the ideal sunset shot. I had no idea you all had enough wind to power the turbines.

    1. Your welcome, the turbines sure do put out a lot of power in this area. Thought the campground is not that windy in the valley.

  7. Fantastic sunset shots. Well done.


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