Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Enjoying this cooler weather and getting things taken care of.

Where are we today ?
Rock Glen Family Resort
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       Really cooled down last night wonderful for sleeping. The temperature at 5:20 this morning was 52F wow what a change. But as the sun camp up things warmed nicely clear blue sunny skies  most of the day and into the walkabout try start my my day, Cooler than I like but still decent.
most of our day was clear blue skies like this
a nice cool looking 6 passenger bike this camper has
huge lily pads on this pond
    I went to Strathroy for a few things early this morning, home for a light tasty lunch then I took the laundry to town Suzie had sorted it all and let the machines do their magic. All done then home to have a nice hot shower and relax for a bit this afternoon . Finished another  book on my Kobo . Then downloaded a few more and began a new one by Lee Child, Another author I enjoy.
I do enjoy Lee Child's books
         Shortly  after 3 pm a few friends arrived for happy Hour. Conversation evolved and a we shared  lots of tips and fun stories as we always do.
       Shortly before 5 pm they all headed home and time for us the whip up supper. Tonight going to make some fish and chips with our fry Daddy . We do enjoy this fish crisp, a light breading on our fish. A couple of Pollock fillets, like I served in my restaurant.Oh so tasty
a nice light tasty breading
and of course fresh cut frys from real potatoes 
frys done keeping warm on our Weber Q
even breaded 2 fresh mushrooms to go with  it
all done and ready to eat
this took care of our craving tonight
     We were enjoying this wonderful evening weather when Mike dropped by, they need one more person for Eucure tonight so Suzie volunteered to go down . I like Eucure but the large groups don't ,work for me with my hearing aides. So I walked down to watch for a few minutes . 3 tables of 4 playing , She does enjoy this, so I grabbed a soft ice cream and came back home. Finish this posting and read a bit more of my page turner.
they are enjoying their cards, too noisy for me
sucks  to be deaf !
but I got my ice cream and enjoyed a quiet evening at home
outside until she returned
     Below is a couple of Pics I took last night the kids enjoying the playground as the sun was setting.
always love to see the kids in the playground
from where we are sitting this was last nights sunset
better than none
      We had a nice productive day getting a few things done, a fun , Happy hour , tasty supper and a great evening . Suzie playing cards with a bunch of friends and I had a good time as well.
     Glad that y'all dropped on by and hope you enjoyed some of this cooler weather as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Yep noisy areas and my lack of hearing do not work well together either.

    1. It does cause issues in larger groups not too much fun anymore is it?

  2. George I think you won, you had the ice cream! I've heard that noise it hard on people with hearing loss.

    1. t is no easy to carry on a conversation with a group of people everything is just mumbled or distorted.

  3. We enjoy Euchre, it's a fast paced game, that still allows the opportunity to e social. A nice turn out for Happy Hour. Lee Child is another good choice for your page-turning opportunities.

    1. It is a fun game I have enjoyed, but not so much when there more than one group in the room.
      We do love Lee Child have read out of his books.

  4. If it was 52 degrees here I would be sleeping outside!!! I'll have to look up Euchre. Never heard of it before!!

    1. Sleeping outside with all those bugs, snakes, and wild animals??? Hmm, is actually too cold for me.

  5. Looks like a nice day with friends and finished it off with a bonus ice cream cone!

    1. It was a very nice day we enjoyed. And the bonus ice cream was a nice way to finish it off.

  6. Euchre or ice cream? You chose wisely! :c)

  7. My husband feels the same way about being in a group of people - especially if it is inside a building where the sounds echos. He has a hard time hearing through all of that.
    We are getting cooler temperatures here too - in the 80's through the day and upper 60's overnight. I love it.

    1. A large group of people and especially inside makes it very difficult to hear properly.
      We are enjoying the cooler temps especially at nighttime.

  8. Glad to see you back at your favorite campground. I guess they let you keep the same spot? You guys are real socialites. I have never seen such a cool bike for that many people.

    Wish I could bask in temperatures like you are currently having. Nice sunset pic and delicious meal.

    1. We do enjoy it here , if we want this site we have ti reserve it in advance. are are sully pretty lucky to be able to get it. We do have a lot of r=friends here that come and go like we do. Always nice yto scathe up hone we can.
      This cooler weather is a nice change but will be warming up again later this week.
      The sunset was nice and the meal excellent as well.


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