Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Wrapping up Canada Day pictures and bit about our quiet day here.

Where are we today ?
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         After a late night (11pm) watching the fire works I slept in until 6 am today and the outside temperature was 70F still. The weather on Monday was perfect for the Canada Day Celebrations. and at 5 pm we headed onto the Plattsville park to check things out everything supposed to start at 5 pm.
the fire department was there cooling down the kids
they always enjoy this
   We walked around a bit maybe a dozen cars here for the car show.
love this old Harley
the high bars, Saddle and continental tire on the back
      The first band in the pavilion , being  we had planned on super here we got in line for this new food truck.
       This is the Serial Griller, thinking the line not too long we stood there and waited, and waited, chatted with lotsa people doing the same thing, Hmm seems pretty slow , checked their menu Mild Sausage, 6 bucks, pulled pork 10 bucks, poutine  10 bucks , fries 5 and 7 bucks. That seems pretty basic should be easy.
a few kids in the bouncy castle
the band beside us in the pavilion
       While waiting in line we shared a soft ice cream, it was a hot day, donations for that .
this took the edge off
     Still in line for 45 minutes, hmm, noticed they sold out of pulled pork, then just as we were about to place our order, sorry sausage sold out! And there was still people there waiting for their Fresnch fries they ordered 30 minutes ago and about 30 people behind us.
the line was not that long
          Now it is 6:30 and no food, so we went back home, no other food options in town, everything closed today, fired up our Weber Q and grilled a Turkey Burger for Suzie, and chorizo burger for me with a few beans.
         This did not take long, hit the spot and then we headed back to the park., 20 minutes later
this was tasty
      Instead of parking in the Park, we went to Niece Stacey's and Marks place to sit on their deck where we could here the bands quite well and be able to watch the fireworks at dusk.
      Chatted there for a few minutes and I headed the few hundred yards back to the park to check out things a bit more and chat with a few people.    
a nice skateboard park for the kids
lots more people now
the bands very loud here
The Serial Griller was shut down, all sold out, but Dan came
 to the rescue grilling sausage and hamburgers
      After meeting up with lotsa friends I headed back to their deck and chatting there for a while.
Mark with his Grand parents
they have  a nice deck and yard that backs
onto the Plattsville park
and a large playset for their 3 boys
          About 10 pm the fireworks began we were a few hundred yards  away but they were pretty high in the sky so we could see them back here quite nicely. I did take quite a few pictures and here is just a few to give you an idea of the great fireworks display they put on lasted for 20 minutes
     A great display non stop we headed home shortly after 10:30 and in Bed by 11pm

      Now back to today was a quiet one very warm again mid 80's pretty well all day. A few rain sprinkles off and on. And after some early morning sun got cloudy, then sunny . I went to New Hamburg for a few things mainly some Prime Rib steaks at Sobey's they have on sale , but sold out. Got a rain check though so no problem, probably some in tomorrow. While I was there a young lady was trying to get her licence plates off her car to exchange for new ones. I attempted to help here but did not have a wrench, try were a bit rusted. Another fellow walked by and had a wrench in his truck finally came right off. Then I chatted with her for a bit and she wanted to know where we camped. Told here Plattsville right now. Right away she said I am Ken Howlings daughter! I thought she looked familiar, I met her some 25 years ago and knew her Dad and Mom quite well, she had even been to my restaurant a few times too. Wow what a small world.
      Next I stopped at No frills for some salad stuff and spotted some pre cooked honey garlic pork Back ribs for $5.88 a nice tasty easy meal 4 dollars off so grabbed package of them for supper tonight.
        Nothing on the agenda today just puttered around enjoying our e-readers outside on another perfect summer day. Finishing another page turner.
a very nice relaxing day
a good deal on these ribs
quick, easy and tasty on the grill mat
with some asparagus 
       Only about 10-12 minutes for the ribs and so very tasty, not as good as mine but close.
with our salad sure did the trick
      That was a great day we both enjoyed , relaxing before another busy day tomorrow.
      Thanks for taking the time to drop on by.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Small town celebrations at their best are always the best, although I don't think I have ever given up on eating, gone home to eat, and then gone back later. That's a new one, George.

    1. We do love the small town celebrations. It was an hour past our normal dinner time and we were only a couple of blocks from home so no big deal and we still had 4 hours before the fireworks anyway.

  2. That is something to run out of food that fast. But at least you were close enough to run home and cook up your own meal. And then be able to park at a relatives house and see all the great fire works at the end.

    1. I don't think they were very well prepared at all, for this event. But we were close enough and only takes a few minutes to make some burgers. at home.

  3. Looks like you all had a good time except for the long wait in line only to run out of food but you solved that issue. How fun that you have family close to the park and could watch the fireworks from the comfort of their deck.

    1. We did have a great time always enjoy the events that go on here in town.
      An it was nice to visit them on their back deck too and watch the fireworks.

  4. Well, George, I think you've been spammed. LOL
    Glad you had a nice Canada Day, Celebrations of any kind for our country's birthday are great. Even though we love United States too, our roots are here.
    You know me, I love seeing the RED shirts. :) Too bad about the line up and the Sold Outs but supper at home is good too.

    1. That spammer is hitting a lots of blogs today, looks like 4 of your postings have been spammed as well. I have caught most of mine so far. Canada was fun here in the town always a good. Like you said we do love the States but our roots are here.
      My red shirts are American souvenirs no appropriate for Canada Day. This food vendor was not really prepared for this event, sold out in less that the first hour and way too slow. But we were close enough to whip home anyway. Saved 30 bucks.

  5. Wow, that was quite the day. looks like a good time. Too bad the food truck line was so long and eventually selling out.

    1. It was a wonderful day we really enjoyed it. No problem about the food truck we saved our money and enjoyed a tasty meal anyway at home.

  6. Very cool that Dan came to the rescue with all that food and it looked delicious! Too bad the food truck wasn't better prepared, but I'm betting Dan's prices were better! Last night's dinner looked yummy for sure! Your pictures of the fireworks turned out wonderful! Mine are always a mess :) A really nice 2 days you've had!

    1. Dan did a wonderful job and a lot better prices too. They looked like a couple of rookies, it was too bad.
      I got lucky with the fireworks, set up my tripod and took about 60 pictures those were the best ones We did have a couple of real nice days, thanks.

  7. What a fun celebration!! You know I love LOVE the saddle on the Harley. If I ever get another one, that's what I'm putting on for a seat!!!

    1. It was a fun time for sure. Fogured you would like the saddle, I thought it was kinda cool too. Time for you to get another Harley I think.

  8. Bad to sell out of food with a long line still waiting to buy.

    1. Yes there was a lot of disappointed people there for sure.


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