Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

We have water yeah!!!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America 
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Where are we today ?

        Yesterday they turned on the water in our resort, filled the lines and bled the system of air. All looked pretty good, but we had no water pressure. So I checked a few taps around us and found a broken water line. Reported to Joe and at about 5 o'clock he turned the water off again. Will fix in the morning.

        Good thing the water was turned off because overnight the temp went down to -10c (5f). In the morning our hose was frozen solid until about 10:00 am. The leak was fixed water turned on, another leak found and fixed then all is good.

        So we are good to go, full hook ups, no more dry camping, I can have a shower in our coach instead of the clubhouse, yippee!!!
we have water

       I was gonna wash our coach this morning but our friend Larry dropped by to chat for a bit. More like a couple hours (we kinda got carried away). Buts its nice to chat with friends for a while.

        By this time we are having a very late brunch, and my ambition to wash our coach went away. So I borrowed the community lawnmower and took 5 minutes to cut our grass. Now sun shining and very warm about 20c (68f), right beside our site, no wind, shorts and t shirts again ! Got the chairs and our books out to enjoy the beginning of spring again while we can.

         A few more neighbors dropped by to chat then a bit later I casually hooked up our Weber Q 100, and threw on a cornish hen. We brought a good supply home this spring.
the beginning 
6o minutes later done to perfection
          I peeled a few potatoes, chopped up a couple carrots. Then made some creamy whipped potatoes, carrots with honey and butter, a bit of Swiss Chalet Gravy for a change and there ya go another very tasty chicken dinner.
yes I know, again,  but we love our chicken
        Just another great day with sunshine and warmer temps, lovin it.

         Want to thank Al of the Bayfield Bunch for today's tips on writing a blog. He does write an awesome blog and the number of followers, hits and comments prove it. Always an interesting read, check him out. Here.
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  1. Having water is a good thing! Hope you keep it.

  2. Another good day. The motorhome is always going to be there, so not washing it yesterday means that it is still there for today or maybe in the next. No rush!

    Don't forget to vote for us,

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Thats for sure, no rush a project for another day.

  3. Great to have water back I'll bet. That would be a tough way to camp - without a supply of water.

    1. We are used to dry camping in the desert, so can know how to do it, no problem.

  4. Water is good!! We burst a hose yesterday at the beach site!!


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