Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, April 20, 2012

A rainy Day?

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Where are we today ?

        I had great nights sleep last night, think I am feeling almost "brand new". Almost no coughing etc.. But now Suzie not 100% like she usually is, maybe only 99% a little touch of something, must be something about this Canadian weather that our systems are retaliating about, trying to tell us we came home too soon, ya think?

        This morning was sunny and warm, blue skies, no frost, kinda liking this. I did not get a picture of this but last nights sunset will show you what's in store today.
last nights sunset
         Had a few walkabouts the resort, chatting with some rv'ers here that have just returned from their winter migrations as well. Nice to get caught up on some of the news. Then a few pictures of the buds just coming out on the trees. Soon lotsa shade here.
buds just starting
nice blue skies and an eagle soaring overhead
won't long now for huge shade trees
        We also decided its a good day to do laundry, all the way into the town Laundromat, 2 kms (1 mile). No water in the campground yet. But hey they have six washers and dryers there,(big village), and nobody there, got it all done in a very short time. Relax in the car with my book, in the sun, and let the machines do their magic, hey its a pretty tough job.

        Now mid afternoon its time to sit in the sun with our books and enjoy this wonderful day.
yep its nice out
        Then before we know it once again, fire up our Weber, throw on a couple potatoes to bake and a cornish hen. 
chicken and taters on
        We just close the lid, back to our books and 70 minutes later, taters and chicken done to perfection.
just like magic
         To this I add some steamed broccoli, a couple crescent rolls I found in the fridge, some Swiss Chalet sauce and hey we have another wonderful supper.
        Oh yeah the forecast today was rain, as my title says. But I never believe the weather forecast, we just take it as it comes. And you know something just about 5:45 as supper was ready , the weather cooling down and we are going in anyway, it started to sprinkle a bit, but hey, we were able to enjoy a very sunny, warm (rainy?) day until now . We are not complaining at all.

        I just noticed we have a few more followers. I am not very good at announcing this because it does not notify me when you become a follower. And I don't want to name names and miss somebody. So a special thanks to all who have joined our site and welcome aboard! I hope you find this interesting enough to continue to put up with my babbling.

        Glad you could drop by and enjoy the day with us.
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  1. It looks like a beautiful day you had. We used to like shade trees but have discovered in the north we'd rather have a little sunshine so we mainly try to find RV locations without a lot of trees. That's a very different story in the south. Enjoy your day.

    1. We don't much like shade trees either, this site is a rare one that is not under the trees.

  2. To me, that looked like a pretty darned good day - especially ending up with that great looking dinner!

    1. Yep a great day, and our favourite meal, chicken on the Weber!

  3. Remember the photo you showed of your RV cupboard with and without the crack? Just like that piece of wood your bodies are responding to your environment.

  4. great looking day, and great looking can't ask for any better than that :)

  5. Hi George and Suzie.

    We are still keeping up with your travels, but don't get a chance to leave comments too much anymore.

    Just wanted to let you know we are still following your journey ...

    Take care as always ... TnT

    1. Well thanks for stopping by to say Hi.
      Hope all is well with you guys.
      Don't work too hard....


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