Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Solved the broken windshield mystery.

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        We had a great nights sleep, cool but comfortable. We have a nice heavy comforter on our bed  and fresh air coming in the windows. I think it is all this spring weather that bothers my allergies etc.... We have had this spring weather for more than six weeks starting in Arizona and that is when I think my problems started. Now that its all figured out I will put up with it and enjoy hayfever stuff ?

         So this mornings coffees, and computing, then a nice walkabout the resort (wonderfully quiet) across the road to Rock Glen Conservation area and the water falls.
right across the street from the entrance 
view of the falls from the road
steps to the falls
you can see the falls with no leaves yet
looking from the Falls to the Resort

the top of the falls
         Now a walkabout to the rear of the resort, they are burning brush from the trees that were trimmed last fall, (need a burn permit for this). Chat with a few of the guys here then back home.

Joe is using the loader to bring in the brush
         Shortly after noon our friend Steve, dropped by to chat and catch up since we last saw them in Arizona at Picacho Peak Resort Feb 27th.  Got caught up and will visit with them while they are here. We looked at our broken windshield and solved the mystery on how it got broken.

        Yesterday when we set up on our site it was very windy as I mentioned. When I level our coach I open the driver's door to access the levelling controls as I always do. Well the strong winds (apparently gusts up to 100kph (60 mph) Caught the door, broke the door restraint and the door swung around with the drivers side mirror contacting the edge of the windshield. Thus breaking the glass.
mirror made  contact with the glass
screws from the door restraint were pulled out
got my tools out, and a couple real heavy duty screws
problem fixed !, It will not happen again, secured into steel framing
         Ok now fixed that door problem and its already late afternoon. Tomorrow the local glass guy comes to check out the windshield for a replacement. Suzie and I get to have "Happy hour", (yep only takes two of us to be happy),while I hooked up our Weber Q 100, then fired it up to cook some potatoes in foil with onions and butter.
just love grilling supper
added a couple juicy smoked pork chops
steamed the last of our Asparagus
        And we had a very tasty relaxing meal. Watching the sunset, reading a book and computing (too cold to be outside tonight).

        Yep life is good, thanks for dropping by.
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  1. We got a crack in our windshield this year too. Hit a bump in the California road and caused the inside screen top to hit the window and crack it. It's small right now but eventually we'll have to replace it.

  2. It's always great to solve a mystery that's for sure.

    Another great looking grilled dinner too!

    1. Yes it is had me stumped for a while.
      Love grinning dinner

  3. ouch on the windshield...glad you have coverage..glad to see your still eating well :)...we are on the road toward home today ...have been off the grid a bit the last week or so with bad playing catchup now that its working good...

  4. Great detecting skills and good to know the cause. Too bad these things have to happen but they just do!!

    1. Nothing serious and nobody hurt, thats the main thing.


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