Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little warmer today

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Where are we today ?

        Well its getting a bit warmer with some sunshine that's real nice to see. Temps got up to 10c (50f) and very little wind. Puttering around a bit, pick up a few branches here and there in the yard getting ready to cut the grass. We like to help out a bit when we can. I ran a few errands and serviced the lawn tractor, more grease, change oil and filter, gas filter and a test run. But its not just working up to par think maybe it needs to see the tractor doctor. Its slow and sluggish just not in the mood for working yet, maybe getting old like the rest of us. I don't blame him its still too cold for me to be excited about working outside too.

        Now Omer he likes being outside running, playing and doing his job, guarding the farm, he barks when cars come in the lane, when certain people drive down the county road and when animals are not where they are supposed to be. Now this morning again a special treat, truck ride. Open the door and he just jumps right in, over to the drivers side. A big smile (you ever see a dog smile?) and his bushy tail wagging. Tim Hortons drive thru, Dennis gets his coffee and the girls there get Omer a treat or two. He makes a great co-pilot (do dogs need to wear seat belts?)
I wanna drive 
ok you drive I am on lookout
       We got our fresh air and exercise today, its so nice to get out in the sunshine. Suzie had a doctors appointment in the late afternoon. Sandy doing book work, she put a roast beef in the oven, the guys doing farming stuff, (always something to do on a farm). I got a bit more computing done then we prepped some leftover potatoes to heat up and fresh broccoli and cauliflower to steam. I tossed a salad and Sandy a nice fresh cheese sauce for the veggies. When the milking and chores are done we can eat, usually about 7 o'clock.

        While Omer was waiting for supper time he hopped into his Lazy Boy recliner and had a little nap.
Nap time
        Suzie got home from her doctors appointment and we hang out in the kitchen waiting for supper and chatting. Omer likes to come in for a bit just to see what's going on and for a pet too!
        Then he needs to see me for a pet too. He likes to stand on your feet so you don't run away, (smart dog he is). heavy too.
That feels good don't stop
just relaxing by the door
Omer is waiting to do the dishes for us
         Now time to eat a very tasty roast beef, potatoes,gravy, veggies with cheese sauce and some salad. Too tasty, gotta stop having all these great meals or maybe just smaller portions would work.
         Suppers done and head back home acros the lawn. A nice sunset across the field is so nice to see.
nice sunset
        Yep we had a great day, tomorrow will be a lot busier. See y'all then.

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  1. It's amazing how busy we are around family. There's so much to do. I'm already attached to Omar too!!

  2. Yup, nice sunset.

    I think you should have a voting contest.

    I vote that you take Omer with you next winter....

    1. I think Omer would miss the farm to much, and he is kinda to big and furry to be a fulltimer.

  3. Omer is certainly a hoot.
    Being a little sensitive to "doggy smell", I'd venture to say that he stinks just ever so slightly.
    Friends of our have golden labs and they are the most lovely, and loving dogs. But MAN do they reek! Their owners both smoke and I don't, so maybe that's why I seem to notice and they don't? Not sure.
    Anyway, do dogs need seatbelts?
    Well, that's a good one. I think it's a logistical impossibility, unless you've trained the dog that he has to go in the back, behind some sort of cage, or inside one?
    I'll tell you what I do know though.
    Once upon a time, back in the day when buying used tires for my car was my only option, I went to a wrecker (well, nowadays they're called "Auto Recyclers" *pfft* Whatever!) some place in the Kingston area to get a couple tires off of a totalled Saab. The human occupants survived the wreck, which was complete wonder. But the remains of their dog was still there! And when I say "remains", it was pretty hard to tell it was ever a dog.
    I suppose it would have been quick and painless, but that's about the only positive thing I could say.
    So, loose animals in the cab of the truck or on the seat of a car? Certainly not something I'd prefer to do, but to each his own.

    1. Omer is part Golden and part Samoyed so very friendly and lots fluffy fur. Yes he couldn't help but smell working on a dairy farm

  4. I think Omer was the star of the show today and I think he knows it. I think maybe he is loving this extra attention.

    Kevin and Ruth


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