Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Saturday, a long day, visiting with the Kids and Grands.

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        Another good nights sleep, the cold is good for sleeping, but the dampness does not help the aches. My body was almost pain free all winter in dry Arizona, but back here with the cold and damp to remind me where my aching joints are.

        Early this morning (3-4 o'clock) we heard Omer barking. Well he just barks and barks, always for a good reason. Well as we figured there is a racoon up a tree and he wanted to let us know. He just sits there barking and pointing until it goes away. Try to distract Omer from his job is pretty hard, until Dennis decides its time to go to Tim Hortons for his coffee. Ok now Omer, has a choice sit here and bark at a stupid racoon up a tree or go for a truck ride to Tim Hortons drive thru where he always gets free Tim Bit (donut hole). Well you guess it, he deserved a break (loves a truck ride) and there was no second shift to cover, the racoon got away.
Omer is doing his job
        First thing I took a quick trip into Plattsville, to see who was hanging about the garage and see if anything new in town. Chat for a bit with some of the locals and was told that Donnie another local fulltimer had returned the same day as us from Corpus Christie Texas.

        Back to the farm I made up a mashed potato casserole to take to my daughter Kim's in Aurora.   This was just the same as twice baked potatoes, but without the potato skins in a casserole dish and heated in the oven. Just mashed up with cream cheese, butter, bacon, green onion and topped with shredded cheese before reheating in the oven. So very tasty and absolutely calorie free!

        This stuff all done we are on the road about 10 am, stop a a quick fast food bite in Milton then on to Kim's shortly after noon. We are the first there and are welcomed back home by everybody there. Even the cutest ever granddaughter (our only granddaughter), love the red hair and big blue eyes.
        After visiting for a bit daughter Jess and her family arrived with more food and my son Ken. Ok we are all here now the five grands are enjoying the great weather in their sunny back yard. And a soccer game begins. The dads and Ken got involved and everybody burned off a lot of energy. I assigned myself the job of picture taking.
getting ready to play soccer
        Now a prefect spring day and everyone having a great time, playing chatting then time to eat.  
Lotsa food devilled eggs, ham, roast beef, salads, lots of potatoes, veggies and buns we had it all.
       At their house they have a nice dining room with an adjacent living room, in the living room a smaller dining room table is set up in the bay window. The grands all choose to eat here with the pocket doors closed so they could have their own noisy meal with out adults intruding.
sign posted "Kids only !"
        Now we all had a great meal, too much tasty food and lotsa of exercise, and fun, catching up with each others winter.
tasty yes
        Then after an exercise break, time for more food, delicious gluten free deserts from Jess.
gluten free
        Then for the kids mini angel food cakes with jelly beans and ice cream.
good and messy
        Then more games and chatting and before we know its time for us to reluctantly head home. We have a 90 minute drive and did not get back home until almost 9 pm. A very long fun day with part of our family. We can sit down a relax for a few minutes then are out like a light.

         So nice to see everyone again! Until the next time.

        Sunday, and get together with Suzi'es family.      
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  1. I certainly know what you mean about the cold and damp weather getting into the bones. It is very different from the dry desert of Arizona. Enjoy your family and friends.

    1. For sure you need to experience to realize the big difference!

  2. Happy Easter!! Your lil granddaughter is growing up. Looks like a fabulous reunion, the first of many.

    1. Same to you guys too. Yes she is growing quickly.

  3. Sure a beautiful day with the family. We wish you and Suzie a very Happy Easter. Your potatoes sounded delicious.

    1. Happy Easter to you guys too. The potatoes turned out very tasty too, everybody loved them including the kids


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