Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Wakarus Indiana to Davison Michigan a great day

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we for two nights ?

        A very quiet night and a good sleep here at the Holiday Rambler service centre. They could not fit our repair into their schedule while we were here (we did not have an appointment). But not a big deal nothing is broken and we got two free nights camping with full hook-ups, a factory tour and a tour of the RV Hall of Fame as well, we like free!

        This morning a nice walkabout the parking lot (resort), love the scenery, a farmers field, makes us feel like we are at home!
behind our rv
         Shortly after 9 am we hit the road, some back roads, some interstate, some rain, a good uneventful  day to travel.
215 miles
        Only 215 miles today but more than enough. We arrived shortly after 1 pm and pulled in to Lake Shore Resort in Davison Michigan. This is another one of our membership parks that we have never been to. We like the fact that we have to pay no overnight fees. (we could stay for two weeks twice a year but only have two nights to spare). Did I say they have real good free wifi too!
entrance to the resort
         We were welcomed at the gate and told to find a site (any site we  want) set up then register at the store. So we drove around a bit and settled for a nice site that suited our purpose. They have 400 sites to choose from!
beach, playground
more beach
mini golf
mini golf
more mini golf
        Once set up I registered at the store and drove about a bit more.
         They have two domes here with clubhouse, events happening, indoor pools, hot tubs and saunas. Activities happening so much going on and kids everywhere, they are having a ball !
two domes
basketball and tennis courts
rental cabins everywhere 
rv sites on the two lakes here
more cabins across another lake

we picked a quieter area
our nice huge site
        Then we can relax outside in the sun for a couple hours with our books. It was actually about 74f so quite comfortable. Set up our Weber Q 100  and fired it up for supper. We even got to see our first Robin this spring right here too, just wonderful!
Hi Robin
         Settled in now and relax for a couple days (we are only 3 hours from home) but don't like to rush you know. This is so nice, the BBQ'd meal tonight is a couple of pork chops, potatoes with onion, carrots in foil with a little butter, soo tasty.
yep its all good
         I know we will enjoy it here, just wish we could stay longer!

        Glad you could stop by for a visit! Come again anytime.
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  1. The park map on their website doesn't do this place justice. It's nice. This would be my kind of park, especially when you were told, "go find a site and come back and see us".
    We've been in places where they basically tell you to park right next to the dumpster, even though the rest of the park is empty.
    Something I don't quite understand, nor will I pay for.
    What is the "membership" that you have for this one? Is it the "Outdoor Adventures" deal? Looks like it, just not sure.
    Enjoy your stay.

    1. Our memberships are ROD (Resorts of Distinction), Coast ton Coast. and AOR (Adventure Outdoor Resorts).

      We make full use of all our memberships, here we are in under ROD. So we can stay twice a year for up to two weeks at a time with no nightly fees. This allows us to fulltime in our coach and travel staying in lots of different resorts with full hookups. Our yearly average for camping costs (including all fees) is about $2,500 a year, an average of $6.80 a night.

  2. Nice park, we are at Pilot Knob under AOR.

  3. We like using ROD. However, we'll be losing it in June since all of the Thousand Trail Parks are opting out. We'll still be able to use the parks under RPI though so it's not so bad. Enjoy.

    1. Not sure if we have ever been in a thousand trails resort, so many changing all the time gives us good choices


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