Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just a busy day!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America 
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Where are we today 

         Enjoying the resort here just hanging out and taking it easy. This morning up early , computing, coffees and a walkabout. But hey its pretty frosty out there! Only 20f (-7c), had to scrape the ice off the car windows and even warm it up!!!
pretty frosty
frost on the grass
          Have not done that for a long time, but we are leaving here at 8:15 am heading to London Ontario (Victoria Hospital). Meeting up with Suzi'es Mom and Dad. Her mom is going to see a neurologist as a follow up to her minor health issues a couple weeks ago.

        So its nice and sunny and great country drive taking the back roads into London. We had agreed to meet across from the hospital in a plaza parking lot. Maybe leave their car there a I could drop them off. Save parking fees. But noticed these signs all over the lot and a woman writing out parking tickets. So plan B. They take one car and pay for parking and I can hang out wander around a bit and read the paper, more fun the going into the hospital anyway. (just spent 5 hours there on Sunday!)
lotsa tickets being written
        They are pretty serious about this no parking thing. I was almost afraid to leave the car and go into a store and look around.
even a vehicle being towed away
         I did not have to wait much more than one hour, when they returned Suzie to me and we decided that maybe Tony's Pizza for lunch. A fantastic Italian Restaurant her parents have been coming to for many years. We have not been for a couple years and were craving their awesome pizza and  salad.

we shared a huge bowl of house salad
         A nice tasty salad then a large Super Duper Pizza (hand tossed crust). This monster is loaded, I bet you it weighed close to 10 pounds. Well try as hard as we could we were unable to eat the two pieces each, but left over pizza works too! I think it has more toppings than the pizza's I used to make in my restaurant a few years ago.
now that's a pizza
         Tummies full we waddled out to our cars and Suzie's Mom and Dad followed us to our campground about 45 minutes away. They had never been there before and it was a nice sunny day, great for a visit. Reviewing the doctors tests and chattimg we had a great afternoon, then soon time for them to head back to New Hamburg and home.
relaxing in the sun
         After they left I got ambitious and borrowed the resorts lawnmower and gas to cut our grass. Just because I could and felt like it. They do it but were a bit behind so I don't mind when I am in the mood.

        Now that's done and our wonderful sunny site is warm, we sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air and our books until about 7 o'clock. Not too hungry I checked ourfreezer and found some leftover chicken so whipped up some BBQ'd chicken on a bun with a few chips, just to take the edge off.
BBQ'd chicken on a bun, very tasty!
        Now the day is done as the sun is setting and air cooling down. Lets just call it a day.
nice ending for the day

        Oh yeah thanks for stopping by!
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  1. It's nice being busy sometimes. It's also nice not always being busy. Enjoy yourselves.

    1. Yes busy is nice sometimes, But we really enjoy the quiet times too.

  2. Now that's a pizza is right!

  3. Lovely sunset shot. Serious parking issues indeed.

    1. Yes better to pay the parking lot than to be towed!

  4. Wow that pizza looks great...I always get hungry when I visit your blog. Enjoy the cool weather, supposed to 100+ here in Arizona over the weekend!

    1. It was an awesome pizza, I like to share what we love to eat. Only got to 60 today (brr) about 20 at night.


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