Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter Sunday!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?
the yearly Easter Lamb (centrepiece) made from puffed rice and marshmallows
        After a busy, fun Saturday with my kids and grands (five young ones can sure keep everyone busy and make a lot of noise!), we were dead tired last night and crashed shortly after returning home.

        Slept in real late (for us) until just after 6 am. Coffees, computing, blogging and all that stuff. Suzie headed out at 10:30 to her Mom and Dads along with her sister Rose to help get stuff ready for Easter dinner at 1 o'clock. I hung around the coach and got caught up on emails and blogs etc.., then grabbed a ride to town with Dennis and Sandy at noon. Overcast and only about 10c (50f) today.

        There was 27 of us altogether with most of the family from New Hamburg, Kitchener, Waterloo,Tavistock, Ottawa and even Ralph from Germany a great reunion. So much great food, a  23 pound bone in ham (from a local butcher), huge tray of scalloped potatoes, 4 salads and homemade pies, easter eggs, veggies, dips, cheeses and pickles, dinner rolls, treats and snacks.
huge ham
two platters of ham and still lots left
       Tasty pies cherry, rhubarb, pecan , apple and elderberry and of course ice cream.
5 awesome pies (two made with spelt flour)
setting out the food
        And another table just for the salads (no picture I forgot)
all set and ready to go
a very tasty easter dinner
         Then relax a bit later with Suzie's Gramma (97 in June) reading Heather's Updates from Germany and Suzie's mom playing with a great-grandaughter.
        After lunch socializing, chatting, a few took a walk and some played outside with the kids while yet others played various card games. A great afternoon. I left at 4 o'clock to take Dennis home for chores then got myself updated with a few more emails and blogging before heading back after chores for another snack about 7 o'clock.

        Most everybody was still there and we nibbled some more ( a light supper) and still there was leftovers. Now with lots of hands all the dishes, were washed, dried and put away as well as all the tables and chairs and furniture re-arranged We said our goodbyes and headed of in our different directions until the next time we can get together. Got home late again around 9 o'clock, wow all this family, fun and food can sure wear a person out. But we are so blessed with a great family to be able to do it.

        In the next couple of days I will make a big pot of ham and bean soup, with the nice huge ham bone it will make an excellent broth.

        Tomorrow one more family get together for lunch, looking forward to that one too, will be much quieter.
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  1. What a wonderful family gathering! It's great to be able to get together and share a meal. Holidays always give us an excuse to do this. Glad you enjoyed your day.

  2. For sure any excuse for family get together works.

  3. Sounded like a great Easter gathering. Cant't believe how good Suzie's Grandmother looks for 97. The ham and bean soup should be perfect for that cool weather your having. No Easter Monday in Calif, just a regular work day here.

    1. Yes it was a great time. Perfect weather for the soup for sure. Monday is only a partial holiday here.

  4. What a great turn out for your Easter festivities. It is so nice to have all the family together. That is a huge spread of food too. I think with a ham like that, I can taste a pea soup after the ham has disappered!

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. I would prefer the pea soup but the consensus was bean soup, All I have to do is make it, and of course eat some too.

  5. Huge family gathering, now I know why you wanted to get home. Just lovely. Very cute lamb centrepiece.

    1. Easter was late enough this year that the weather is almost good enough.

  6. What a great family gathering and dinner to celebrate Easter. Those pies sure looked terrific!

    1. Oh yes so many different pies to choose from all good!


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